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The Beetle, a Post-It Story

Writing by Alex B Illustration by Evan S  


The Twelve Days of Valentine’s Day

By Jenny S   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me A fat dog in a fat flower   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me Two Guylian chocolates and A fat dog in a fat flower   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me Three Venus Flytraps Two Guylian chocolates and […]


Ode to Sassafras

By Jenny S   Ode to Sassafras Who is my dog And makes my heart dance.   Ode to Sassafras You are so cute Even when you do an ugly prance.   Ode to Sassafras You love our treats I feel heartbroken to leave you



By Alyssa A   Ian’s stomach growled of hunger. He looked around the dark cave hopelessly. It’s no use. There’s no way you can find food in here without light, he thought to himself. He’s trapped inside the cave ‘cause a huge mountain bear blocked the entrance, which led him to be stuck in there […]


Christmas Gifts

By Ken Z   One day, I was playing with my friends. The names of’em were Thomas, Luca, John, Jack. Those people were very good to hang out with. We started to play tag. It is enjoying to mess around with them too. Once, they said Ken is a good pranker. Also, during Christmas, the […]


There Once Were 70 Computers

By David L There once were a lot computers. They are called: la, lala, lalala, lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalalala, lalalalalalala, did, said, me, who, like, yeah, maybe, hi, hello, past, tense, snow, board, bi, baby, babies, what, the, heck, of, the, call, I, don’t, know, but, if, you, it, then, shot, shots, david, william, lele, labe, […]


Jared’s Truth/Lie

By Jared M Little Jared Murphy sat on the inflatable throne. He was at a place called “pump it up”. He was only a small child then. It was his birthday party, but it also was the party of several other children. Only with all of the moms of those kids could a party for […]


What My Cat Probably Thinks Of Me

By Jared M Ah. The stupid is coming. What an ugly creature. Eh. At least it does my bidding. It is a fine slave. If I speak, the gorilla-pig thing lumbers over to me.  “Hiyyyy ckitee. Blaaaarrrrgggg.” The thing’s disgusting snout quivers as it babbles nonsense. I begin to direct my commands into the strange […]


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