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Dog Fight

By Nicolas Z There are 80 dogs. Their names? Bla, Ha, Haling, Booo, Sandwich, Bee, Eww, moring, Morning, Holer, Holder, Chew, Lol, Screen, Alex, Shot, Nicholas, Paper, ISB, CIS, Com, Comput, Computer, Penny, Shoot, Ain, Aim, Hwe, Qwe, Wer, Ert, Rty, Tyu, Yui, Uio, Iop, Opa, Pas, Asd, Sdf, Dfg, Fgh, Ghj, Hjk, Jkl, Kl, […]

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My Computer’s Perspective of Me

By Gabby A   I swear, if I have to take a screenshot of a fandom post I am going to short circuit. After she does her homework all I can feel is the dragging of the mouse and hear the clicking of the screenshot. Percabeth and Caleo left and right I think it’s becoming […]

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Jenny’s and Vivian’s Truth/Lie

By Jenny S and Vivian W   “NOOOO!!!!!!! BARBIE!!!!!!” Jeanette screamed. Jenny and Jeanette were having a fight. Jeanette ripped Jenny’s Harry Potter poster in half. So Jenny was ripping her older sister’s Barbie doll. “SHUT IT YOU WHIPPERSNAPPER!!!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT, NINCOMPOOP!!!! Jenny squealed, fighting to climb to her bed; the top bunk. […]

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By Nicolas Z   P = Professor R= Robber   R: “You” P: “Oh, me?” R: “Yes, come over.” P: “Why, give some reasons.” R: “Because we are old friends!” P: “But I do not recognize you!” R:“ Of course, you haven’t seen me, hah!” P: “That’s weird, I know every friend of mine.” R: […]

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Peaceful Chaos

By Elsie K   3527 50 feet above the ocean, on a rocky, rough cliff, stood a woman, no more than 20. The expression on her face remained blank, even as she stared across the horizon, the cloudy gray skies and the murky green-brown water, stretched as far as the eye could see. For as […]

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Results Of Time Travel

By Corie J In a tank of milky water floated a girl, her blond hair spread around her like a little cloud. Her eyes were closed, and she had on the tiniest trace of a smile. As she floated, blissfully unconscious, two white coated orderly appeared. They looked at each other and nodded.”Ready” said the […]

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By Nicolas Z   Children Presents Talking All At Once, Yelling:   “Mine, Mine, Mine…”

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Mr. Mose

By Gary H   Mr.Mose Was A Lawyer But He Is Actually A Teacher

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