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You Won’t Believe Why I’m Late…

By Joanne T I was late because… I spent half hour rolling on the bed. Half hour brushing my teeth because I wanted my whole mouth to shine. Whole hour washing my hair because they were stuck together. One whole hour drinking 5 glasses of milk, And eating 10 eggs. I used another hour making […]



By Vivian W BREAKING NEWS REPORT- KILLING ‘INNOCENT’ SNOWMAN RAGING THROUGH TOWN NW: News Reporter NW: Breaking news! Innocent townspeople being massacred by snowmen made by small unsuspecting children! Snowmen of all kinds are seen trampling plants my grandma planted! Lets hear what the witnesses think of this. Joanne: I’m so shocked! I was coming […]


A Short Story Based On You & You & You

By Stephanie C *based off a scene in the novel You & You & You by Per Nilsson. I thought we were in love. I thought he loved me. I thought I loved him. Though it turns out “my stereotypes are true” (Nilsson 188). My immigrant gangster boyfriend, Victor, hits me. Hard. Then he apologizes and rubs my bruises and […]


Welcome To Live Academy!

By Kevin C “Welcome to Live Academy!” announced Mr. Ymedaca with excitement. “A new school year has started again, I would like you all to report to your classroom!” Mr. Ymedaca waved his hands around like a bird. He dismissed us from the auditorium. Mr. Ymedaca is our principle in school. My name is Tommy […]


The Gifts of Shadow

By David W It was a normal vacation before everything went wrong. Lily and her husband James went onto a vacation. Just a normal vacation at the beach. They went swimming in the beautiful ocean… Then, Lily glanced back. Near their towels, a new bag, decorated beautifully, stood near the sand. There was a label: To […]


Future School Fail

By Roy S Part One (Boom) A sound came from out side of the school, everybody got under their table, except for Bob. He looked curious of what was happening outside of the school. (announcing)”The booming sound was only a drill from the school, thank you for participating”. Bob was unhappy because every time there […]


The Room of Dreams

By David W I didn’t expect to plunge into a room of dreams. There I was, writing my homework, and I found myself dizzy, unable to focus. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and I felt a sudden surge of tireness, like I just ran twenty laps. I stumbled, and crashed on […]



By Grace L The storm raged and the frigid night shuddered, torn in two. The man sat in the very corner of a desolate building, hunched over a desk. When he noticed a figure in the distance, he grinned darkly. From his pocket, he pulled a gleaming dice and tossed it up into the air, […]


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