Future School Fail

By Roy S

Part One

(Boom) A sound came from out side of the school, everybody got under their table, except for Bob. He looked curious of what was happening outside of the school. (announcing)”The booming sound was only a drill from the school, thank you for participating”. Bob was unhappy because every time there was a booming sound it would be a drill but everyone else didn’t know what he was thinking but who knows.

Bob walked home with a sad face, it was like he lost a family member and was about to fall down, he was depressed walking home and he even kicked the ben and got on the bus.

He got home and told his mom about what happened at and did his homework and had dinner while he was eating dinner on the TV the news said that all the schools are calling back all the students and are about to do a secret drill in the school for the next 6 mouth and the students are not allowed to go home and the drill was called futures academy.

Bob was a little bit happier that the past but he tought that he could not com back for the next 6 months and he can’t see his mom for the next 6 months. This is going to be harsh and challenging for Bob.

Part two

(ding ding ding) It was time for for class and it was the first day of project futures academy the teachers basicly explained what is futures academy and what we will be doing for the next 6 months.

“We are going to start project futures academy, have everybody have there money, snacks and teddy bears for the next 6 months, because if you don’t you have one more day to go home and get packed up”. Bob thought that he may not have enough money to survive, so he called his mom and said he had one more day to prepare for the next 6 months.

After school Bob went home and got another 1,000,000 dollars to survive the challenging 6 months and when having dinner he and his mom talked about what the students were allowed to do in this 6 months and what they were not aloud to do and luckly the students were still aloud to bring a phone and a phone charger and they were aloud to go out side to get drinks and foods.

People were exhausted when they got to school the next day but how does it matter it is still going to be the time to start futures Academy. “All right students lets get started”! the evil eyes that the teacher had and the spooky smile she had was very ambitious and we knew that this is going to be bad.

After the evil part of the spouky teacher we hade the princible come in to our class and gave us some very valuble hint for the next 6 months. then the vise princible called the princible out of the room for some thing i don’t know about, but it looked very siriouse. ahhhhh every one was screming there was a real lock down in the school and we had to stay in a place that the intruder could not see us.

Part three

after a while there was a all clear then every body were disgosing what just happened and a voice came from the outside and this man said: “ I have token over the school and I am now in the secaridy office”, and then every body stoped breathing and thought when did we have a secaridy office?

The teachers face was red and it looked like she was guilty student turned all of their eyes to the teacher, then we started to walk to her. “so whats all about this security office deal, why didn’t you tell us about there was a secarity office”. All the students said to her.

The teacher was scared and hade to run away like a little baby while the students are laughing at her. At the end of the day while Bob was walking back to the darm the fog stole on him like thiefs in the night tring to steel something, Bob was scared.

the princable told us to leave the school and never come back then he brought us to a persinal air port and put us on the airbus a380.


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