The Failed Holidays

By Billy R

As his plane touched down on the runway, he could not believe that his vacation to the North Pole was about to begin.

Stevie Claus was a ninth grader who had just arrived in the north pole by plane. His dad’s name was Santi Claus, as short for Santiago Claus. Everyone thought that his dad was actually Santa, but he kept telling them that he was not. Stevie was not a hundred percent sure though. He was old enough to know that Santa Claus did not exist, and all the presents were from his parents. If Santa were his father, it would be a whole different story… Stevie was not sure that Santa was fake. He thought he would never find out.

As he felt the plane touch the runway, he was exited that he had holidays, and that he might of meet the actual Santa. He didn’t know. As the plane doors opened, and they attached stairs on the doors, he was the first to come out.

Of course he is not alone. He is just a ninth grader. He was here with his family. He had a little sister, called Lucie. He had a dad, and a mom.

The family walked down the stairs, and into a van that took them to the airport building. Lucie was always nagging her mom, because she couldn’t wait to arrive at the hotel. She wanted to see everything, and she was right, because looking at the window, it was majestic.

Stevie looked at his phone. It was about 1:00pm, with an overcast weather. It was beautiful. The family was all wearing mittens and snow jackets.

As they arrived at the building, they went straight to the suitcase picking up place, and got their suitcases. After that, they went to the car rental place, and got a nice sedan. When they arrived at the hotel, they all took a large nap.

While Stevie’s family was fast asleep, he was looking out the window. He heard a knock on the door, and went to answer it.
It was not what he expected….

It was a large man with Machete. (A big knife)
He was screaming a language like Russian. Then ‘suddenly’ a man dressed like Santa, came and took him down. And all of this in front of a camera!
How crazy is that?!

He did the only thing he could do in this situation, close the door, and wake up his parents.
After about 2 hours, the police was here, and everything was settled. Stevie was not so sure about this vacation after all…

The time was about 3:20 pm. The family was wide-awake, and ready for some snow fun. Stevie had homework over the holidays, but he could sneak out on the first day.

Stevie’s mom pondered if they could go out and have Lunch at this amazing Restaurant at the top of the hill. She said that it is snow every time, there is beautiful view, and you could see people skiing; it was just beautiful.

Stevie had heard about that restaurant. Although, he was not so sure. It was the name that bothered him. The restaurant was called LIVE, but if you turned the billboard upside down, it says EVIL. He was thrilled to go, because he would look around to find a secret door to their EVIL headquarters. (If they existed). He was just curious.

Lucie was eager to go. She wouldn’t stop moaning and asking if we were there yet. Their mom would always say, “Almost there sweetheart”, and Stevie, would always take a deep breath.

Santiago, their dad, was working part-time at this apple store, and he didn’t have a lot of self-confidence. Their dad, although had won the Olympics a gold medal, with a staggering speed of 12.37 seconds on 25 meter freestyle swimming.

Amazing. His dad was always a good swimmer, but did not put much effort in it, because he preferred robotics and technology.

As the family drove towards the restaurant, they noticed something. It was 2 skis sticking out with boots out of the snow. In the corner of the slope. It was really weird, and too high for the family to stop and reach, so they just let it go. It was also better for their safety.

As they arrived at the restaurant, Stevie dropped his jaws. It was much better then he expected it, but you don’t judge someone from the outside, it still might be evil. As the family sat down, he just told them what he wanted, and said that he needed to use the bathroom. He wad snuck his thermal scope with him that he got for a birthday. It shows anything alive in orange, and the rest was all black. He pointed it to the wall, and could see people moving through the wall! OK! Now this was a matter of “live, or die!”

That gave him the creeps, and he could not stop thinking about it. He couldn’t sleep at night, and he couldn’t wait to sneak in tomorrow, and investigate more.

The next morning, Stevie was curious about how he could go inside the restaurant, and sneak into the bathroom. The only problem was that he had to find a way to enter the wall.  He needed tools to dig in the wall, but at this time of year, in any type of store, the prices are high.

All this changed his mind when he heard that their holidays were over, because they had to go back to the US for an emergency. The shop that Stevie’s mom owned got burned down. They had to go back with the police, to solve the case so they could find who did it, and pay for the damages nearby, if the thief was never caught.

And so they did, so that put an end to their holiday.

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