Time Machine Fail

By Billy R
“And I’m finally awake!”
“Mr. Konnan, I wouldn’t be so exited. Last year your finances have been huge.”
“Hello?, Who is that?”
“It’s Bethanny, Your finance accountant.”
“I’m one hundred precent sure that I don’t remember you.”
“Of course you do not!, You were inserted in the time machine about 43, 900 ago!”
“Oh my god, I can’t belive it!”
“What sir ?”
“I’ve escaped from the lunatic with the chainsaw that always came in my house!”
“Oh, you mean Gurtling sir?”
“Oh yes! That was his name”
“Gurtling sir, frose also, he said that he wanted to freeze with you, so he could give you a rough time, here in the future though we do not alow chainsaws.”
Mr. Konnan was speechless.
“Sir before you burst out, we would like to give you a treat.”
“Right now, in a hospital? Drop me off to my desk and finish your work. Then I might accept the treat.”
“I’m sorry sir, our computer company, it is exploded”
Mr. Konnan could not belive it.
“Take me to my house, take me to my family!”
Mr. Konnan screamed
“Sir I storngly advice you to stay calm, your family is dead, and your house is burnt down, you have nothing left exept me.”
“Well, what year is it?”
“It is october 29th 45,914, sir.”
“Oh my god, for how long was I frozen?”
“For 43,900 years, sir. I’ve already told you.”
“Okay, where will I live?”
Bethanny is on the phone.
“Hello, Bethanny? Are you there?”
“Yes sir, I’m still here. I’m talking to the phone.”
“I’m hungry, get me food!”
“Ok sir”
“Tell me, what was the surprise-treat you wanted to show me?”
No answer.
“Where will I live??”
“Hello Bethanny?”
Mr. Konnan un-tied himself from the bed he was held in.
Ok, where do I go now? Mr. Konnan thought.
Mr. Konnan looked for the robot that he was talking to 5 minuts ago.
He started walking in this building that he woke up in. The building had everything! Mr. Konnan looked around. He found the apple store which was launching the new iphone 43,905. He went in and looked at the phone. The phone could trnsform into a car a house, a fridge and even a toilet!
Mr Konnan was busy looking at the phone, he played FIFA 45,914 with Messi’s grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand  grand  grand  grand  grand  grand grand  grand  grand  grand  grand  grand and this is going to take a long time so, his 45,904th grand child. Playing for Barcelona. He was busy playing with Messi the 45,904th, when Bethanny came and tapped his shoulders. He turned around and bumbed his head, onto Bethanny. Her metal forehead made his nose bleed.
“Oh I am so sorry Mr. Konnan.”
Gurtling walked into the room holding a chainsaw, and before you knew it there was a broken chainsaw on the ground and Gurtling partially dead with a trail of blood following him. He walked out of the store handcuffed, literally HANDCUFFED. Mr. Konnan walked back to the room that he woke up in, and in less then 2 minutes he was back in 2014.



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