Fortune Cookie

By Dennis G

At a Chinese restaurant, your character opens his fortune cookie and reads the following message: “Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing.”…

Part 1

Chinese restaurants are awesome. You get to have great food like fried dumplings and stuff, plus delicious fortune cookies, that “predicts” your “future”, or gives you a lucky number. but I never knew that this will be my last Chinese meal.

Luke Newman

I reached into the cookie plate, and took out a nice little fortune cookie, with no difference from the rest, pried it open, out came a little red paper that said, your lucky numbers are 16 52 96 20, so I grabbed a second one from the plate, cracked it the soft cookie shell open, and I, immediately dropped it, I couldn’t believe my fortune, the paper had said  “Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing.” Then I realized that the fortune in the fortune cookies where fake, they were just printed some where, in a random factory some where on earth, and I started laughing hystericaly , I laughed so hard that the small Chinese lady looked at me, and muttered something that sounded  something like wai guo ren, but who in the world would know what she meant. Probably someone’s idea of a joke. I hoped into my beetle car, and drove to work, But thats when I realized something was wrong, no one was at work, not even Mr. Wong, who was a very, very strict Chinese man, never late to work, always the last to leave, someone that even the  the bosses respected alot, and he was the one who showed me to those awesome Chinese restaurants I wondered what was wrong. But after an hour and half, I knew something definitely must be wrong, it wasn’t my birthday, or someone elses birthday, then the truth hit me, my life really was in danger, something is wrong with the city.

I ran for my car, I’d better warn the others, but who would believe me, and I remembered, what the cookie said, say nothing, great, now I’m listening to a cookie, either I’m mad, or I’m going hysterical, or maybe even deleriuos, (the cookie says, put your hands in the air! And GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!!!) I ran as fast as I never ran before, into my bettle car, luckely I refueled my car, or I would of  stop on the middle of the road, and went speeding onto the high way, strangely, no one was on they high way, then twenty something  police cars came speeding toward me, but as I looked in they wing mirror, i might of had a heart attack. The police mens eyes looking strangley blank, and unfocused, then I saw, my best friend from high school, detector J.Wilkins, siting in the shotgun seat, a pistol on his lap. I puched the gas hard, I rocket foward so fast, I thought I heard my beat up beetle creak and shudder. I might as well break the car, but I didn’t dare to, until, after 1 hour, when the sirens had long since stoped, which then occured to me to stop too and refill some gasoline for my car. But as soon as I parked the car, it promptly broke down, comptley. Great! Thanks alot Cookie.

Detector J. Wilkins 

Have you ever expirienced big White BLANKS in your life? Well that’s what happened to me, I sometimes just don’t know what was happening, amnesia? Some kind of memory desease?, but it happens every so often, when I end up in somewhere completley crazy, like today, I found myself in a car, with my gun drawn, sitting on my lap, with no criminals in sight, and the sirens on my car blazing like chrismas lights. I just don’t know what is wrong with me. And for no apperent reason, there was no criminal movement for, like, I dunno, maybe for at least 30 something days I guess. Weird. Well, could’nt see the doctor, because, I’m a cop, and I don’t want to lose my job, and strictley speaking, I have no friends, because I’m a cop, and your best friend, might be your worst enemy. That’s how my father died, he trusted his friend, who turned out to be the leader of a terroist orginisation called the black python, which now is reduced to a city’s street gong, with miltary class weapons, because of my father. And that’s why I’m a cop. Hey, it’s cool, with your detectors badge, and go around to suspects, going like, “FBI, we wish to speak to you” holding out the badge, and scaring people, which is how I got to know this amzing chinese resturant, with some pretty awsome fortune cookies, and won this pretty waiterss’s heart, with my job. I got off the regular police used giant GMC Suv, and got into my Ford Sedan, police detective edition, with sirens hidden inside, plus a vault for storing stuff, with guns stored safely inside, and a bluetooth Walkie-Talkie, plus a Med/ First Aid Kit. I drove to the chinese resteraunt, and went inside, where the smell of stir fried rice and noddles immediatly filled my nose. I found a seat, and took the menu. ” One suasage stir fried rice combo please.” The girl, smiled at me shyley, and took the menu, yep, she’s the one. I took a furtune cookie from my plate, and pryed it open, and I droped it, the waitress, Jenny, came scourieing toward me, and aske
d “Is there anything  wrong?” I wispered, “Our life is in danger, let’s get outa here.” “How did you know this” “I read it from my furtune cookie” “I don’t have time for jokes Jack.” Jenny replied impationtley. ” No I Am Serious.” I told her, as I looked her straite in the eye. “This IS not a joke. Quick let’s go.” We hoped into my car, and raced off. But my mind started to go blank again just as we were approching our destination. And Jenny screamed. I lost control of myself, and everything went black.

Luke Newman

I was awoken from my “car home” by the sound of a car crashing, and I ran forward to the scene, but by the looks of it the car was still in good shape, so I went forward to check, and guess who came out, Detector Jack Wilkins, crawling out of the wreckage, coughing, with his girl friend Jenny. “So, how come you ended here?” I asked surreptitiously. ” Because of a fortune Cookie mate, a freakin’ cookie.” He sighed. “Not exactly the way I would meet you. But how come you got here?” “Same reason, because of a cookie.” “Maybe Coincidence?” “I think it’s something else. It’s just weird how we end up in the same place, because of a cookie—-“Wilkins yelled, “Company here, get down.” And pushed us down to the floor, just as bullets came whistling past my ear. “What the hell was that?” I asked Jack. “A round from a Beretta 418.” He replied a bit mechanically, we are being tailed. Get in my car, NOW,” He said with professional crispness, at the suprised look on Jenny’s face, and maybe mine too. We hopped on to the car, just as bullets came raining on to the window of the shotgun seat, but the bullet proof windows did it’s work, it shuddered and creaked, but it did not breake, though I seriusly suspect that the window might not with stand anymore impact, and just as thought about this, the window smashed as one last bullet found it’s mark. “GO!” I yelled at Jack, who literaly stomped on the gas, and we sped off into the open.

Ian Clark

Have you ever been to a chinese resturant before? Well I did, and it DID NOT leave me kind or happy memorys, first time, I went there, and I asked for a knife and fork, instead of the two sticks the asian looking waiter gave me, and he just stared at me, like I was from some other planet, and this time was even worse. I got a fortune cookie from my meal combo, (chinese dishes are REALLY great, exept that the “chop sticks” are really anoying to use) and craked it open (the first time I got this I exclaimed to the waiter that they have paper in the cookie, who just looked at me and went like, you supposed to get luck numbers on paper, not eat it.) and stared at the paper, where supposingly me lucky numbers were printed, and I started to laugh, the chinese really do have a sense of humer, the paper had said: “Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing.” And the ainchent looking chinese lady looked over at me, with a look that clearly said, if you were my son, I’d slap you hard on the face. Then I turned serius, and coneccted to the weird things happening to the city lately, like people with with blank faces, and I’ve seen plenty of cops forgetting what they were doing for some reason, but what could I report? I’ll proboley get sent to a mental hospital in the middle of no where, because I’m seeing strange things, stuff other people don’t even notice, or maybe better, they might just say I’m seeing stuf, I tell my company to give me a day off, something defenetly was wrong. I and was right, I’m not sure If I was imagining it, but I police car from some other city came blazing into veiw, with it’s sirens screeching, and gunshot holes on one side, plus a broken window on the shot gun side, while the cop driving had a blank look, and the person and the shotgun seat was despertly trying the shake the cop out of his trance, while trying to keep the car running, but just as I was going the shout  “Careful!” the beutiful Ford Sedan crashed right into a a telephone pole by the side of the street with a terrifiing crunch and stopped. I ran to the wreckage where the person on the shotgun seat was already dragging the cop out of the car, his face scrached and bleeding, while the cop was a little worse for wear, he was unconcuis, and his fore head was bleeding from a nasty cut, proboly from the crash. Then a girl came coming out of the wreckage, but she looked much better than the men, but who knew how many cuts and bumps she got when the car crashed, and brought out a first-aid kit from the car, and started to help bandaging the cop, then the man looked up and siad:”Ian!” I felt puzzled, how come some random guy that came from a car crash know my name? “It’s me Luke, Luke Newman, the JIL detective agencie, You me Jack” Then it hit me, when we were in elementry school, Jack, Luke and I made a detective agency, and solved peoples problems from 1 doller a case. “Where’s Jack?” I asked Luke, who pointed at the cop. “That’s Jack, now a detector, you’d better be nice to him, or he’ll put you jail.” Said Luke, joking a bit, though he sounded sad. What had happened to them. “I’ll go grab some weapons from the car, we’re being chased.” “By Whom?” I asked. “Someone we don’t know. You have a car?” asked Luke, while bending down and crawling into the car. “Yes, but it’s to small, I think I’ll “borrow” one, though I realy need some weapons to sacare people.” “You now how to use a gun? Just incase.” Luke said reasuringly. “Yes.” I had spent some time doing target practice in a shooting range, and I’m pretty sure what to do, though I have never seen blood and guts before, and I’m pretty sure I can’t do it. Luke handed me a  pistol, and took a pistol, and a gun that looked suspiciusly like a MP7 with a silencer, then took out to Kevlar vests, and handed one to me, then he handed the asian looking girl, who had not uttered a single word yet, another pistol. “Let’s go” Luke grimly, storing his pistol and MP7 safely into his coat along with the Kevlar, wearing underneath his coat. And from one of his many coat pockets, he pulled out two balaclavas, that looked like something cartoon robbers would wear, and pulled one on his head, before handing one to me. “After you Ian, show me the way.”

Part 2

Luke Newman
Have you ever went to a car park to rob a car? Well to me that was the easiest way to get you caught, security cameras everywhere, swiveling around like they can’t see to two extremely suspicious looking people walk, with their coats bulging like sacks, well Ian didn’t think so, and the next thing I know is that we were on a giant sleeper van, running at a speed so fast the car might break, with police sirens screaming in our ears, and Ian in the back shooting the cars wheels. But thing is, the cops eyes looked creeply blank, something I had seen before, but Ian hasn’t, and freaked out at the first sight of them. But somehow we managed to get back the Jack without getting tailed or caught, who was recovering nicely from his car crash, and was setting up a base area for us to live in.

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