Where I’m From

By Jane S


I’m from the cherry trees in the park, 

Frolicking underneath with my best friends

While fairies grant us magic wands

I’m from talking to my soon-to-be born brother

Wondering how he will turn out,

A criminal? A nerd? A bully? A sissy?

I’m from peering behind my mom at dinner gatherings, shy

Afraid strangers will see me


I’m from running around with my cousin’s dog

In the backyard, playing fetch

I’m from playing hide and seek

Attempting to disappear behind tiny trees

I’m from wearing a Cinderella costume

On a dark night,

Outside asking for candy


I’m from messy rooms

My books, clothes, scattered around my desk and bed

I’m from “Stop fighting with your brother!”

And “What happened at school today?”

I’m from family game nights

Wondering where life will lead me


That is where I’m from

My broad family tree

My story

When I was a toddler, wobbling around,

When I was a child, slipping down the slides

I feel the memories rushing back towards me

And now, looking back, and loving my life


This is who I am

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