Why I’m Late

By Jenny S.

I bust open the classroom door after a whole morning of sleeping. Class has already started. The teacher looked at me with angry grey eyes.

“Jenny Song, WHY ARE YOU LATE” Mrs Green screeched at me. I looked over to Mai-Ling. Come on Mai get me an excuse!! I thought to my self. But she just nodded her head at Mrs Green. I looked at her and lied.

“Well. I was looking for my pencil case. And then I found it on my bed. I picked it up but then the moving van came in and busted my bed. I had to go to Ikea but I didn’t have enough money. So I went to the Australian NASA. They had to give me a job to make money to buy a new bed. I had to do training in a few minutes then they sent me to Mars. I was sort of lost. So I wondered around and found a robotic plus dead dog. I looked at it and touched the ‘on’ button. The dog turned on and it became a friend. But then, he talked! He said his name was Robort Steamer. So then we got back on the spaceship and returned to NASA. I asked those guys if I could keep the dog but they said they had to study it. And so I was devastated. I bought a new bed and I slept for a few minutes because I was so tired of jet lag. Then I realized that I had to get to school, but it was too late. So I ran and ran and ran….” I trailed off, tired of talking. I took a deep breath. “That is why I’m late.” I smirked triumphantly. Everyone gaped at me, even Owen (my evil ex) and Gwyneth aka the thing and aka my fake friend. I think Mrs Green’s gape was the widest. She just gestured me to my seat (BTW I sit next to Owen my ex). So I looked at him and his so called “valuable” phone. Being stealthy, I took it, and he didn’t notice!!! 🙂

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