Ode to Chipotle by Jonathan L

Ode to Chipotle

The delicious Mexican food,

That is probably not even Mexican

But who cares?

It’s delicious!


Ode to Chipotle

The delicious burritos,

The crispy tacos,

The amazing bowls,

And healthy salads


Ode to Chipotle

And the black beans

That makes me fart

And tastes so good

Especially in salads


Ode to Chipotle

Where I can never

Finish a burrito,

Because it’s just too much

For me to handle


Ode to Chipotle

And the delicious meats

Both beef and chicken,

Which is why

I request extra meat every time.


Ode to Chipotle

The crispy chips

Dipped in guacamole

Making a great snack

Paired with burritos


Ode to Chipotle

The endless lines

Outside of the building

But who cares?

It’s still worth it.


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