Where I’m From by Etsuko N

I am from dancing ballet,
from 4 hours and 20 minutes a week.
I am from stretching my leg muscles, painful at first but leading to
happiness when I dance.

I am from playing golf with my dad,
from standing in the right position
and trying again every time I fail.
I am from doing everything step by step,
“Do it step by step or else your ball will not go far.”

I am from watermelon,
and from its energy.
I am from the sweetness
the watery crunch
in a juicy bite.

I am from Flora Zeta,
from the first Asian Chinese ballerina
to enter The Royal Ballet School.
I am from winning the Adeline Geńee Awards,
and from being one of her students.

I am from Arianna Grande and her acting,
from the TV show Nickelodeon.
From being one of the character in Sam and Kat,
and Victorious.

I am from who I am the person I’ve always been.
Dancing ballet, playing golf, watermelon, Flora Zeta and Arianna Grande.
My influences
My passions

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