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Taming the Monster of the Park by Andy N

Fifty meters in the air, strapped to a huge circular machine, looking down, I started to wonder if this was a good idea. Too late. MUCH too late. Let’s rewind a bit. It all started on the afternoon of a sunny day, the kind that’s so hot, it evaporates your sweat. I seriously felt like […]


Tempers Will Flare by Bekah B

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” I screamed. “I DON’T WANT TO GO WITHOUT THE DRESS! I’M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT IT!” I had always been a demanding kid. It was the beginning of summer vacation. We had been at California for a day and I already treated it like home. Even though I was born there, […]


Real Best Friend by Minjoo K

Human best friends can make you mad. They can be mean. They might ditch you, too. Sometimes I wonder, who is my real best friend? It doesn’t mean I don’t have any best friends or that my best friends are unkind. You open your eyes, take a shower and arrive at school. I meet my […]


It is Time to Sleep by Daniel K

The bloody, raw flesh, Commences to change its phase turning into White, juicy, and scrumptious meat. The animal wiggles for dear life. The desperation to save itself and future generations, Forms into spastic strength. A One Last Almighty Buck But fails to escape.   On the sizzling gridiron, it senses the white-hot tongues of flame, […]


Jet Blade by Kevin J

I was three meters up in the air above the water. Then I was so happy I forgot about everything. Suddenly I heard a whack then my belly started to hurt. One day I was in Maldives walking on the soft beach in my hotel. I went past the water sport center and saw a […]


Forty-Five Seconds by Shawn Q

Bzz… I heard the machine turn on. I was waiting for this moment. The moment that took the one law that I obeyed my entire life, it took it away from me. The law of gravity. Okay… Maybe I should go back a few frames. My father and I were at iFly Singapore, the home […]


Unexpected Twists By: Sunny R

The sun was beating down relentlessly from a cloudless, bright blue sky, and I was trudging along on the dirty black asphalt, face red, feet tired. My little brother, Hajin, skipped tirelessly ahead as the sun reflected off his glossy, ruler straight hair, a bouncing ball of energy that never ran out of caffeine. I […]


July 34, 2104 by Jonathan L

Dear Diary (Ultra Apple E-note Plus v. 3905.71.65.38),   Hey Diary! It’s Bob!   Today was a typical day.   After a system update while I was in my sleep, I woke up to the typical morning grogginess, but after putting on my iSuit Plus v. 49243.65.24.19, I pressed my “Energize Button” and after a […]


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