Real Best Friend by Minjoo K

Human best friends can make you mad. They can be mean. They might ditch you, too. Sometimes I wonder, who is my real best friend? It doesn’t mean I don’t have any best friends or that my best friends are unkind. You open your eyes, take a shower and arrive at school. I meet my friends. I am waiting for my best friend, she never shows up. I’m mad and we fight.  But I don’t want to fight.

But today I knew who was my real best friend. Not Kelly, not Chloe, not my mum, either.

I was going to get some water. I didn’t mean to drop the glass cup. I didn’t mean to be rude to my mum, either, but when my mother scolded me in front of all my cousins, with a long series of words that were specifically created for my mortal embarrassment, at that instant, the evil side of me took over. Instead of just listening to her, I blurted out, “Why should I?”  The second it came out of my mouth, I knew I made a BIG mistake.

Uh-oh. I’d obviously pushed through all my mum’s buttons. She was totally fuming.

“That’s not how you behave, Minjoo,” my mum said quietly in a dangerous voice as she tried to calm herself from this extremely enraged state. “Pick this up.”

“I don’t want to,” I said automatically. I couldn’t help it. Words came out without me thinking. I knew I was wrong, but the evil in me at that moment possessed me.

Useless and empty words poured out of my mum’s mouth for a good long 30 seconds. I felt like my ears were clogged up, as if I was in water, world around me muted. I was just standing there, and my eyes wandering.

“Go in to your room and think about what you did wrong. I think I gave you few warnings, and I was nice to you. But you didn’t use them wisely. You need to stay at your room, unless you say sorry to your aunt, your brothers, and me. Go in to your room NOW!!!” she yelled out her anger in the last word of her sentence.

As she let out her final assault, my eyes started to blur with tears. I dashed to safety of my room… I knew I was rude. But also I was embarrassed. I was so frustrated that I pounded my pillow. My authority to control my tears had disappeared a minute ago. I hated how I couldn’t be in control of my emotions. I wanted to look tough in front of her but I failed. I was just mad at myself that I was rude and behaved like a 3-year old baby in front of every one. I sobbed like a child, soaking my pillow with my tears. I just wanted to hide myself.

While I was sinking in embarrassment, suddenly I heard someone coming.

“It’s probably my mum coming and pouring some more verbal assaults.” I said it out loud in an impolite way for my mum to hear.

I didn’t want my mum to realize I was crying just because of her. I didn’t want anyone to come in my room and cheer me up or something. I just wanted to have more independent time to calm myself.

“Don’t even try to come in!!!” I yelled. I thought I did, but I think I was too tired and emotionally broken to yell.

And the door creaked opened. I looked around angrily, but I couldn’t see anyone. But then, Ggoma, my favourite furry friend, jumped on the bed and waddled towards me with those tiny legs of his. It was like he knew I was sad, he started sniffing my face and licked off my tears. It tickled me so much that made me giggle so hard, I totally forgot about what just happened. A smile grew on my face.

I looked at this charming thing. I couldn’t help but smile, I cuddled him. He always knows when I need him and how to make me happy. I looked into his eyes for full ten seconds as I put my heart on him saying, “You really are my best friend, Ggoma.”









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