Unexpected Twists By: Sunny R

The sun was beating down relentlessly from a cloudless, bright blue sky, and I was trudging along on the dirty black asphalt, face red, feet tired. My little brother, Hajin, skipped tirelessly ahead as the sun reflected off his glossy, ruler straight hair, a bouncing ball of energy that never ran out of caffeine. I was mentally groaning at myself for attempting this infinite hike across the compound, just to go to my brother’s friend’s house. I tried to pick up my pace, and yet, my legs seemed like lead, refusing to move any faster. I didn’t know how Hajin could move through the suffocating heat, while I was struggling with each step.
After what seemed like hours and hours of walking, my brother and I finally reached Mr. Mike’s front door, and I breathed a sigh of anticipation for the air-conditioned interior of his house. Just as I was about to ring the flat, plastic doorbell, I noticed something black on the windowsill. I peered closer, and sitting there was a black cat, a white star-shaped mark on its chest, and looking so royal that I immediately thought of Queen Elizabeth as a cat. It was sitting tall and proud, with her chin lifted, and she was gazing at me with jade eyes that held such authority that I felt like she was a human. Holy cow! Is this Mr. Mike’s cat?
My eyes grew huge, and I could imagine them dilating, as I stared, open-mouthed at the majestic cat. Suddenly, the door next to me opened, and Mr. Mike came out along with a cold blast of air in dark blue jeans, Mickey Mouse t-shirt, gray brown hair, and with a slight smile on his face.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he said quietly.
I was about to reply, when my hyper little brother ruined the moment by shouting, “Where’s Kyle?” as he bounced on the balls of his feet. Mr. Mike, laughing, said, “Come on in! Kyle is inside.” But I didn’t want to leave the queen. Without taking my eyes from the cat, I said, “It’s fine Mr. Mike, I’ll come in later. But, can I ask you something?”
“Sure thing, Sunny!” he replied.
“Is this your cat?”
“Why, no!” he replied and a flutter of hope rose in my chest.
“Then…. can I maybe… take her home?” I asked cautiously.
“Of course!” he said warmly, and went inside the house with Hajin.
My face flushed with joy, and I slowly walked up to the majestic cat. I started stroking her back, scratching her ears, and so forth. After about ten minutes, I tried carefully to lift the cat. To my surprise, and pleasure, she didn’t struggle. I held her tight to my body, and walked back home, heat and sweat forgotten.
As soon as I walked into the coolness of my house, I realized how thirsty I was, and got a bowl and filled it with cool water, then set it on the floor for the cat. I drank some water as well, and took the cat, and the bowl of water to the garage, where I immediately started searching for an appropriate place for the cat to rest in. finally, I spotted something useful. My little sister’s baby carrier!
I looked at it critically for a second, and then deemed it worthy of my cat to rest in. That word gave me a little thrill. My cat! Not anybody else’s, but mine. I crouched, and picked up the cat and slowly lowered it into the baby carrier. It curled up looking comfortable, and I felt giddy with happiness. I thought that it would be tired, so I lowered the dark lid that was attached to the carrier. Then, imagining what it would be like to come home and have my cat greet me, winding around my legs, purring as I stroke it’s silky fur, I sat there in my garage, next to the carrier, for several minutes. But, in my fantasies, I hadn’t considered my mom. I jolted awake, and realized that my mom hated cats, and that she was allergic to them. Suddenly, as if my mom had read my mind, she came into the garage, and saw me sitting there, a guilty look on my face.
“Sunny! What are you doing here?” my surprised mom exclaimed.
“Err…you see mom…” I stuttered, but my mom cut me off.
“No time, Sunny. I need the carrier. As I stared in horror, she lifted the carrier, un-peeled the hood… and screamed. Her hands fell from the carrier, and my cat plunged to the ground. I yelped too, worried about my cat’s safety. My cat leaped out of the carrier and ran in a corner. She cowered there, frightened, no doubt.
“NO BUTS!!!”
“All right, all right!” I muttered, and with a growing lump in my throat, I slowly calmed my cat, stalling for time, and with her in my arms, I walked to the front door. I sent one last pleading look back at my mom, who was watching me like a hawk, arms crossed, but her face remained hard. I accepted defeat, and I opened the door, tears springing to my eyes. I set her down carefully, and she disappeared into the bushes beside my house, my sense of devastation growing as I watched her beautiful, sleek black pelt disappear completely from my sight. I thought back to that moment today, the moment when I had found the cat. I had thought that it was a miracle, but I hadn’t known it would end so disastrously. If there was one thing that I had learned from this experience, was that life is full of unexpected twists.

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