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The Bigger Gray By Miles D

    Excited for a fun elephant adventure on a rainy day, I gazed out the windows of the small minivan. I suddenly saw the elephants we passed, all sad and lonely.  On the long mud road every now and then our van, my mom, dad and I would bounce over potholes and we all […]


Because of Family by Etsuko N

I’m practicing ballet everyday. I’m going to a ballet competition. “You have to believe in yourself.” This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.   On my first day of practicing, my tall, kind teacher, Miss Chen, told me that the competition would be on July 28th, 2012 before she started to teach me the […]


BREATHE By Grace and Elaine

BREATHE By Grace and Elaine   Breathe in Breathe out But I can’t breathe-breathe-breathe No, STOP. It’s not air, It is like poison. The wind no longer blows sweet, like candy. I can no longer see The mountains Like I used to. What was it like? I can no longer remember. This sunset, With its […]


Utopia by Jonathan Luo

Utopia is an imaginary place, where everything is perfect. This poem is about utopia, and what it would take to reach it.   Utopia’s a place Where you can do Everything You wanted to.   Utopia’s a place With enjoyment, No needed job, And no employment   Utopia’s a place Where you can be lazy, […]


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