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I Ran Away Towards Freedom by Smriti Srinivasan

“Bianca! Come here! You’ve not finished cooking or cleaning!” my mother called from the diminutive ‘kitchen’ in the corner of our house. I sighed. I never had a minute to myself. “You did not have to scream.  I am right over here,” I said. “Bianca, I’m going to the market. And you have to finish […]


The Future’s “Once Upon a Time” by Sarah K

Once upon a long time ago there once was life and it was all called “nature” It was a time when leafy rainforests and clear lakes and golden meadows once were The Earth had been a place where the furry, scaled, and feathered had roamed But then the furless, scale-less, and featherless came to make […]


Endangered bonobos by Sophia Y

BOOM! The crackle of the gunfire shot across the dark morning sky. “Run!” People screamed horrifically as they scampered out of their little huts. Claudine Andre instantly grabbed her rusty notebook, a small, sharpened pencil and a bag, and then scrambled out of her hut. As she swayed her bag over her shoulder, she took […]


Abha by Minjoo K

Abha walked to the India National Airport. The sun was roasting his skin, and he tasted the burst air. Sweat from his neck was dripping down to his shoulders. His white t-shirt was getting soaked. When he went inside the sliding glass doors, the cool breeze stroked him gently. Abha didn’t realize that it was […]


The Deported by Shawn Q

“Louvri moute! Louvri pòt la!” came a shout from outside in Creole, the Haitian language, “Open up!” We all knew who was knocking on our door, they seemed to be the biggest worry of the neighborhood these days. We all knew what they were going to do. We all know that they would take away […]


I, Andrew by Miles D

I sat in our stuffy, littered, minivan at an old rusty Mississippi gas station, finishing a bag of chips for my dinner. My younger sister, Sophie, was sitting in the back, snoring loudly.  I looked out of the car window, thinking about when I was twelve.  I remembered all the little toys I had (especially […]


Guilt by Christina K

The grey dolphin stalked me with his cloudy eyes as I steered my small wooden kayak toward Fanalei. The icy cold salt water sprayed up to my ankle, stinging my skin. The wound on his back was still bleeding, but he stopped fighting just a few minutes ago. Another gigantic wave turned toward us. The […]


The Honey Collector by Andy N

“Dangit!” The logger’s chainsaw ran slower and spun to a halt. “Rrgh!” he dropped the chainsaw on the messy undergrowth and gave it a swift kick. This only worsened the problem, and the chainsaw started smoking. He looked onto the horizon, and heard bunches of forest animals calling out to each other. He sighed and […]


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