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Wild Heart Free by Emma B

“What the… hey no!” I screamed as water splashed everywhere, soaking the carpet and me with soapy water. Earlier that day, I stirred from sleep to the dawn appearing over the stunning Rocky Mountains. It was a gorgeous summer day, probably one of the last ones before fall arrived.  Today, I’ll bathe Ginger, my golden-furred […]


Boahimaa by Ingrid N

The wind brushed against the hills as if teasing the hills to leap in to the wind and join the wind. The tall grass swayed outside. Here I’m inside! Listening to the teacher, but I already know all of this already. If the others really wanted to get an education then they should study like […]


Ice Falls by Nathan C

This is seriously a bad idea, I sometimes still ask myself why I still do this. This is way too dangerous. I am doing a job five times more dangerous than about an average job and I am only getting a fifth of what an usual person would get in the West. “What should we […]


Courage by Miguel A

VROOM! Angel pressed the gas pedal and the car propelled forward. Angel knew she was getting close to the mall. Angel weaved through traffic. As she was driving she saw the usual things she would see if was in the Philippines: Jeepnees clogging the road and the usual person selling water on the street. Finally, […]


The Weight of an Elephant by Shuan Hui T

“Rring! Rring!” the sound of my alarm clock rang. My eyes couldn’t open from the bright and vivid light, shining into my room. It was 6:00 in the morning. As I lazed back on my bed, I suddenly remembered that I have to go to work. I let out a heavy sigh. Why can’t it […]