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Story Pitch, Real Story by Etsuko N

I have this incredible idea for a short story. By reading “The Dairy of Ma Yan” and the notes from the interview of Miss Jenny Zhang. I was able to interview Miss Jenny, I found out that Miss Jenny’s story was kind of like Ma Yan story. For example they both live in a village. […]


If Someone Had Only A poem about Hitler By: Emma B

If someone had only given a chance to him, Maybe world war two’s chances would be slim. If someone had only told him he was awesome, Maybe his wrath would not come. If someone had only shared a smile, Maybe he would laugh a while. If someone had only told him his art was worth […]


Fall in Spring by Emma B

Haseya shielded her head. Her long, black hair dangled next to her and little by little, dampened from her tears. The gunfire was too much and it frustrated her. She didn’t want to know who had died. Haseya did not want to see her village in the Four Corner Range, how broken it must be. […]


Holes a report by Etsuko N

Etsuko Ng                                                            February 2, 2016   Holes, by Louis Sachar is a realistic fiction novel, in which a young teen boy Stanley Yelnats gets wrongly accused for stealing a pair of shoes, and is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp as his punishment. Camp Green Lake is a place where the boys […]


Meth by Daniel K

“Is this a dream…?” I asked my self, stretching out the soft, white blanket that were covering up my whole body. “Where am I? A hospital?” I said, guaranteeing myself that the place was a hospital by observing the appearance of the room. An entirely white edifice with a million rooms filled with beds and […]


Sofya’s Journey by Hannah J

Based on The Wolf Princess   By Cathryn Constable   Part I When Russia got rid of the Tsar, it caused the downfall of the Russian Empire and led to civil war and the birth of the Soviet Union.  Vladimir, the last Volkonsky prince, and the bravest man in the Tsar’s army, had been targeted by […]