Story Pitch, Real Story by Etsuko N

I have this incredible idea for a short story. By reading “The Dairy of Ma Yan” and the notes from the interview of Miss Jenny Zhang. I was able to interview Miss Jenny, I found out that Miss Jenny’s story was kind of like Ma Yan story. For example they both live in a village. So let’s imagine this for the short story:


Miss Jenny is 29, she’s from Shandong and her family is still in Shandong. She came to Beijing in 2008 so that she can learn how to be a teacher, she went to Beijing Normal University. After university a boy needed a tutor and she found out that he studies in The International School of Beijing. That was her first time knowing that there was a school called ISB. When she got home she researched about ISB and she found out that ISB is different then the local schools that she taught. Then she decided to teach education of teleology in ISB. When it was her first day at ISB she didn’t have much friends and she couldn’t communicate well with the students and teachers because English is not her first language. She started practicing, practicing and practicing English, 3 months later she improved on her English


I think the theme is you should never give up and if you keep on trying you will achieve your goal. This story is a real and Miss Jenny is one of the staffs in ISB. I’m sure that English was everyone’s first languages was English, but imagine English wasn’t your first language and you have to learn because of your job. How would you feel?


Do you have any questions or can I give you a copy of my story next week?



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