Sadako By Daniel K


Physically getting weaker,

Heart and soul becomes wearier.

Everyday my hopes are dashing,

Solemnly hopes for healing,

Glimmer of hope blown away,

Just like my country, Japan,

Blown from the Nitrogen Bomb.

Fear lurking behind me,

A shadow behind the apple tree.

Cold lump of fear in my stomach,

So stone cold it makes your brain freeze,

Makes your whole body ache,

Disemboweling pain.

Surge of pain,

Surge of dashed hopes,

Washes over me.

Lord, please take me,

I’m already all ready.

My eyes closes,

For the final time,

Like the curtains in the theater closing.

Thousand paper cranes take me to a place,

Where there is no pain.

Pain is over,

So is my life.

No pain again,

No pain no gain equal lies.


This is my cry,

Cries of the thousand cranes.

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