Ctrl + H by Daniel K.

Ctrl + H

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve moved to Tokyo, Japan,
Said hello to my peers in
Himamori Nursery School,
Since I’ve watched the animation of
Magic School bus,
Before I knew how to say
Said hello to my friend Chihuahua,
Since I’ve went to Disney Land,
Since I’ve left Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
I had a friend from Guatemala,
Said hello to my friends in
Kindergarten of Munhwa,
Since I’ve walked in to the
Munhwa Elementary School,
I’ve stopped watching Magic School bus
Because I forgot English,
Since I had my first Korean class,
Since I had my first Chinese class,
Since I had my first Taekwondo class
Since I went back to Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
A bee stung me near the eye,
I’ve became a bee’s knee,
Since I’ve been through bullying,
Since the time I spoke fluent Japanese,
Since my hair became grease
After basketball practice,
Since I’ve stopped crying,
Since I learnt boxing,
Since I became more athletic,
Since I became the bully,
Since I heard lewd things from my homies,
Since I left the
Saint Mary’s International Boy School
And went to China.

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve tasted the bad air of China,
I climbed the Great Wall of China,
Since I realized bullying can’t protect me,
Since I learnt how to talk to girls,
Since I knew the boys in ISB
Were more humane,
Since I figured I was insane,
Since I found interest in humanities,
Since I realized that
Girls can be crueler than boys,
Since I realized I am cruel,
Since I forgot what my dreams were,
Since I slept nights without dreams,
Since I had dreary, eerie dreams,
Since I became has freaky
As Beverly Cleary,
Since I loved rap songs,
Since I hated GAP shirts,
Since I stood up against bullies,
Since I found out I was strong,
Since I found out bullies ain’t strong,
Since I became Dr. Koo,
Since I joined Futures Academy
Because I wanted to learn from Mr. Sostak
Because I wanted to be with Kyle,
Because I wanted to be with Etsuko, Miles,
Since I became more like a man.

I will be writing this since
The Future,
This writing is

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