Sheila Johnson by Gladd M

“SHUT UP!!” I shouted. It was my little sister, Raina, annoying me. I was peacefully doing my homework when Raina started bragging about her dumb goldfish that mom bought for her yesterday. “ But I want you to play with me and Mr.Bubblegum.”
“Mr.BUbblegum and I” I corrected her. You see the inconvenience of having a five year old sister? I mean who names a goldfish “Mr. Bubblegum” that’s just stupid. “ Well I don’t want to play with your dumb goldfish,”
“But I thought you liked him,”
“ Isn’t it obvious I don’t? Now please get out of my room,”
“ No buts get out of my room NOW!” She sighed and said “Fine, I guess I will play alone with Mr.Bubblegum” her voice was soft and a bit strained as if someone had hit her in the guts and she was still recovering. I watched her as she walked out of my room her head was turned down. Ugh sisters can be so stressful sometimes. WHY WASN’T I BORN AN ONLY CHILD!!

I walked downstairs to look for something to eat. As I got into the kitchen I suddenly tripped and fell right on my head. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” I screamed as I fell down everything blacked out for……. A few hours I guess.

I woke up with a start and looked around me there stood my mother looking at me bug-eyed. “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK!” she shouted. “Yes, I…:”
“Don’t talk I know you are too tired”
“Ok” My mother can be so overprotective sometimes. I mean it’s not as if I died or something.“You scared me so badly! I thought you died or something” My mom continued. And it’s at that moment that I saw her the little brat, and just by looking at her I just knew she was the one who tripped me. “YOU LITTLE BRAT I PROMISE I WILL GET REVENGE ON YOU!” Suddenly her hands started shaking as the color drained from her face and a tear fell down her face “SHEILA JOHNSON YOU STOP ACCUSING YOUR SISTER SHE DIDN’T TRIP YOU, YOU JUST TRIPPED OVER SOMETHING,” My mother said. It’s usually when she is at me that she Uses my full name, but fortunately I have a very embarrassing middle name that my whole family promised not to tell anyone about and never mention it. But when I did something really terrible like the time I almost killed Raina. I had a knife in my hand and at that moment she was getting on my nerves so I actually wanted to kill her so I turned around and almost cut her head off and at that moment my mother was entering the room. She was Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay angrier than you are thinking she was.

I tried desperately to calm down but I just couldn’t. How could she do that to me? I looked at her she was looking at me smiling. Now I know it’s really her. I got out of bed, locked the door, and took the latest book I was reading. It’s called “SO WHAT?” It’s very interesting. It’s about a boy who somehow makes bullies scared of him. I read five times already. That book usually calms me down when I am stressed out or mad.

After reading a couple of chapters I went downstairs carefully looking where I was going. You never know that demon in human form can be anywhere. As I entered the kitchen to get a drink I saw Raina on the floor crying I went over to look what was wrong with here. I saw that there was a little cut on her right thumb and she was sucking the other one. “What’s wrong Raina,” I asked. I know sometimes she can be annoying but she can make me have pity in her. “I was trying to to cut that piece of cheese for Mr. Bubblegum, but then I cut I finger while doing it.” She choked.
“First of all you shouldn’t give cheese to your dumb fish.” Raina took the knife and handed it to me. As soon as it was in my hands she started wailing even louder than she was already. “IT HURTS EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!” She shouted. At that same moment my parents came rushing into the kitchen to see what was happening. They looked at Raina with horrified looks. Then they rushed over to her and hugged her saying things like. “Oh my gosh are you okay?” or “Show me that thumb of yours.” And then they looked at me with angry and horrified looks. “ OH MY GOSH” oh oh she is going to say my middle name!! “SHEILA DUCKY JOHNSON!” My life was completely ruined when I found out I had that name. I am sure they gave me that name on purpose so they could say it when they were mad at me. I mean what kind of parents name their kid “ducky”. How come they didn’t give an embarrassing name to Raina. Simple answer they love her more than they love me. At first I didn’t understand why they were shouting at me when I was just trying to help Raina. But then I realized I still had the knife in my hand. OH NO. WHY WASN’T I BORN AN ONLY CHILD!!!!!

To be continued…

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