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The New Father from The Fate by Jasmine

“Where were you last night?!” shouted the angry mom, who is cooking in the kitchen. “I just…” cried the little boy, “I did nothing.” “You…!” now go back to your room and stay for a while. Said mom, in a horribly voice. “Yes.” Said Sam-the little boy, garbing his body, slowly back to his room. […]


Default’s Diaries by Renee and Annarosa

  Alex’s diary           Oct 17, 2016  Oh great I’m stuck with Steve again, notch needs to fix this glitch I always get teleported to another place. But anyways I am working on how to build a mob proof house, but Steve is so stupid that he thought I was just standing there. But anyways I have came up with an idea, we should build it on ice because mobs don’t walk well on ice. And then we can have the opportunity to kill them […]


Diary of A Nerdy Girl by Gladd and Bessy

I walked down the hallway. Everyone was looking at me. I didn’t know if it was my new glasses or my braces, they were just all looking at me ,I mean it felt so awkward. What is wrong with me? I’m sure they are all thinking I am a complete nerd right now. But I […]


A Whole New World by Olivia X

Kayla Jones opened her eyes and squinted in the bright sunlight.  “Someone please adjust the contrast?”, she muttered. “Oh yeah! Where the heck are we, Kaitlyn? KAITLYN?!” “I’m alive! Don’t worry! Hopefully I’m alive…I dunno…”, groaned Kaitlyn. “Oh good, you’re alive. Take a look at this place!”, said Kayla. The sisters both stood up and […]