Red Ribbon by Bessy and Gladd

Red Ribbon
As a child I have experienced many dreadful situations, but pleasing ones as well, the memories still roam around in my blank head, at the age of 13 I have experienced a dreadful disease called polio, while sitting on the hospital bed my body suddenly becomes stiff, I try to get the glass of water besides me all I do is nock it down and watch it shatter it into pieces. in a minute I yelp with pain in my arms and my legs my throat suddenly feels soar, I use my palm to press the emergency button next to me, and as doctors run in to see what have happened gushes of tears run down my cheek, the doctors each take a part of my body and examine it, they tell me I have a bad disease, and I start to freak out all my mind was focused on was the pain everywhere, one of the doctors say “We have to take her to building 2” another say “ok lets move” and they push me out the room I was bumping but for that second I could stop thinking about the pain, the last thing I could see was the sign that had my name Cecilia Pinkihood, and then everything turns black. As my eye lids rise I find out I am in a room with physical therapy equipment’s, that moment as I lye down on the bed there the doctors come in to give me my meal, everyday and I would sit there isolated from other kids and every thing outside the room, when I was inside the other hospital room kids like me would always visit me, and give me cards, still now I don’t know why I was in the hospital in the first place or were my parents were? at this age I sill forget things very easily but I never find why? days passed and something was on my wrist I could feel it just then I saw a ribbon, as weeks passed the ribbon got smaller or maybe it was my hands that got bigger but I knew I had to tell someone so right before, I press the emergency button quickly, as soon I could even blink I hear a knock on the door, a women and a man take a step forward and asked if they could come in and talk to me, as they came closer I keep thinking that I have met them before but I really did not want myself to get a head ache about it so I just considered them as strangers, reply with a soft and direct “Do I know you” The two strangers look at me with shock on their faces. The woman cups her hand around mines and says, “Cecilia you don’t remember us?” I take my hand away from hers, but in the process I feel a blast of pain come out of nowhere. ” AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH” I shout. The pain felt like we had just cut off my hand without Anastasia. The woman runs to the man. The man grips her to his body. Suddenly the woman starts crying. “Cecilia we are your parents,” the man says. Suddenly I remember them I remember my mom hugging me every time I came home from school sad. I remember my dad bringing me to his office every Friday and letting me doodle on his note book. I remember how every Christmas we just by the fire place. I sit on the dad and mom sits next to us hugging both of us at the same time. Suddenly I feel bad about myself. I feel so bad because I couldn’t recognize my own parents. But I had to be sure so I randomly asked some questions about me, my first one was “What is my middle name?” Only my parents knew my middle name and they knew I didn’t like it. They both looked at me in surprise. After a while of just us looking at each other the woman started laughing and said “Your middle name is Ducky,” It was the first time I had ever been happy to hear my middle name. So these people really were my parents! I was so happy! I started jumping off the bed to hug them but then sharp pain shot through me as if a sharp toothed creature was eating me from the inside. I let go of an ear splitting sound. I didn’t know if that was a scream or not. Maybe it was but my throat was so dry. Suddenly I started to feel something coming out of my throat. I didn’t know where all of that came from I hadn’t eaten in days. I heard adult voices calling for doctors. I guess it was my parents. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I heard a female voice, probably mom, crying calling out for me. Suddenly everything was black. I couldn’t see anything I couldn’t hear anything, At last everything was black and the whole world was silent……..
I burst awake, I looked around the room, I actually felt a lot better, but as soon as I got up I felt a stiff pain in my legs and arms again. I screamed in . I quickly sat back down tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t stand it anymore! I wanted to know what was wrong with me. Suddenly a doctor came in with a frustrated look on his face. I quickly whipped the tears off my face I started panicking. What was happening? The doctor sat beside me on the bed. “I’ve got bad news for you girl.” I wanted to sit up but I knew it will hurt me. So I stayed how I was and asked, “What’s wrong?” I was panicking ” He looked at me and said ” Your mom died in a car accident”

To be continued

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