Letters by Jasmine Z

Dear Lisa,

Nice I can write this letter to you. I missed you so much! I hope you can live well over your new school. I hope your grade is still that good, and you will have many good friends. Don’t forget me, though. I will always remember you. If you have time, write to me if you can. I will be so pleasure to read your letter. And by the way, our school is very well now. All the students are all here. Expect you. We really missed you so much! Not smarming up, ha ha. I really missed you. Come back if you can. I will be still right here.
Your truly, Peter

Lisa’s hand was shaking when she was reading this letter. She missed them so much, her old school. But now she has to stay in another contrary, because of her father’s job. That’s so sad. All the people knows. In her old school, she has her best Friend-Peter. Peter always care and stay with her. But now… will she has new friend at her new school? Everything seems so new to her. That’s so awkward. She hasn’t learned any of her new school stuff yet. Will it be embarrassing? Will the classmates doesn’t like her? And she has to speak French. Although her French is good, but it’s not as good as Frenches, though. Will she sound strange? This will never happen at her old school. Her English is very well. She is the monitor! And her grade is almost 100 score at every subject. She barely can’t think about her new life at French. It will must be worse, though. No friends, no good grades. Everything will be paint on a gray color. Ah…

Lisa took out her pen and wrote a letter to peter:

Dear Peter,

That’s so nice that you still remember to letter me. I’m so happy. I need to learn all the way French here, no English at all. I felt embarrassed and unconfutable. All the thing is bright new. I can’t imagine the classmates and teachers. Will they discrimination me? I can’t think. I want to stay with you guys, especially you. But life is like so cruel. Nobody can forecast the future. I… I’m so scared! I really want to be with you right now. But how could I? It’s impossible. I know. But I will still miss you! I will go and see you if I have chance.
Love, Lisa

After Lisa did that, she felt relief. Then she climbed on the bed and went to sleep.

When Lisa woke up, it’s already the next day. The sun is shining through the window, to her new bed, new room. It’s already 8’o clock in the morning. It’s time to get up, Lisa thought. She climbed off the bed and walked outside.

“Moring sweetheart. I thought you still need to sleep till nine. Smiled mom. “Is it still ok with your new bed? Tell what you need.”

“It’s okay mom, really. Now can I have my breakfast now? I’m so hungry.” Replied Lisa, still in a sleepy mod.

Mom walked through the kitchen and handed out some dishes.

“Here you are, baby. I don’t want you to be starving. Eat something first and then go outside to find some new friends.”

I don’t want to! The guys are all French! How can I can be friend with these Frenches! I can’t think… Lisa thought, sadly. I will never have friends. Never!

After breakfast, Lisa walked straight upstairs to her room. She’s mind was racing now. what can I do? She thought deeply. She has actually no idea what to do next. Waiting for tomorrow’s school? That will be absolutely no. she won’t want to go to school anymore at French! But she must to. The sun raises behind her back. It’s so gold, like her curly hair.

Lisa steeped deeply to school. She has a feeling she wants to run away from here, back to her English school, play and studying with her friends, epically Peter. But everything changed so fast… she closed her eyes and doesn’t want to think anymore.

Hi, what can I do for you? Asked the guard, smiling friendly to Lisa: I heard today will be a new student arrived and very confused. I will lead you to your class first if you want. Then the teacher will walk around for you.

It’s okay, but still thanks! Lisa smiled shyly: “You know I’m English.”

“I know. But that doesn’t matter, bro! you are very nice and kind. I think you will catch up very soon.” Replied the guard.

Hopefully… Lisa thought, still unsure what to do. She stepped forward on the front porch and followed the guard into the school.

“Bonjour! bienvenue à notre école.vous serez notre élè vais trouver un ami pour vous et vous la montrer.j’espère que tu aimes ici.” (welcome to our school. you will be our student now. i will find a buddy for you and show you around. hope you like here.) welcomed the teacher of their class, Ms. Jackerson. This everything is so nice! Lisa begin to thought. And it’s not bad. But
“viens, Vivian, spectacle Lisa autour de l’école puis retourner en classe. ne sois pas en retard!” (come here Vivian, show Lisa around the school then back to class. don’t be late!)

“oui, Madame” said Vivian, and walked straight to Lisa: “You are English, do you? Lucky I speak English so well. I will help you to catch up. Of course. Can you speak French?” asked Vivian.

“je ne peux parler français Un peu de. merci.” (I can speak French a bit. Thank you.) replied Lisa, thought Vivian is a nice girl. This is not bad, maybe everything will be right. But what if someone will still ignore her? What if the homework is too hard for her? What if the students tense her? She thought terribly, but still a bit of happy to be with partner of Vivian.

After today’s school, Lisa felt quiet okay. The work is pretty hard, though. But Vivian is nice, and helped her about the work. She still need to catch up and study. When she stepped on her house porch, there’s a letter lay in the mail box. She picked it up and read it:

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for your replied! I really missed you sick each day. Now in England, the teachers were very serious about school work. They said school work is important than anything! Important that friendship, important than enrichment. Some friends even fright because of this. But the teachers just ignore it and keep talking about class! Now our class is even more. 4 periods in the Morning and 4 periods in the afternoon. That’s so tired! We have to read, write, talk, group work, lots of stuff. Out PF only have it once a week! That’s so mean. I wish this is a dream and you are still with us. Oh, the new monitor changed to Rebeca. She’s nice but not as you! How is it about your school? Write to me if you have time. 🙂
Love, Peter

After Lisa read this, she ran straight to her room and grab a pen, even without saying hello to her mother. Dad is still not back yet. Mom is cooking, not realize she’s back yet. The sound exactly covered Lisa’s footsteps. Lisa ran toward to her room and locked the door. She grabbed a pen and be gain to write with a piece of paper. She wrote quickly and fast. When she was done, she read it:
Dear peter,
I missed you very much too! I went to school today. The school is whole French! Can you believe that? The work is so hard that I barley can’t breathe. But it’s quiet okay. There’s a girl called Vivian and she is very kind and friendly to me. she can speak English very well and help me. I feel pretty happy about Vivian. Are you still ok? I hope you are. I wish I can see you right now. someone tensed me a bit, but they are not that bad. Bye, I’m going to do my French homework. La prochaine fois, plus vous parler de communication! (I will talk to you more next time)
Love, Lisa
Lisa put down the letter and pen. She wanted to send it out. But she need to ask her mom first. Her mom always forbidden her to letter Peter. She said forgot the past is the best. She thinks Peter is very rude. But he’s not! Mom is always wrong! But what can she do? She only can beg but her mother will never agree. NEVER!

Her mother stepped in the room with a rush: Baby? You came back! I didn’t even notice yet! My goodness! Are you still alright? Sorry I have to go to office so I can’t drive you. Sorry! Is the school okay? Do you need any help with your homework? Sorry mom’s French is horrible. I know it’s hard. But at least try okay? Please? You can do anything after your homework. I promise. Anything you want.”

“It’s okay mom. I know your hard. My work I can do it. I understand. But you really don’t have to worry. But can you do a fever for me? just a little thing.”

“What is it? I can do as much I can.” Asked mom.

“It’s about the letter, and I want to send a letter to Peter, please! Just once! Mom, you know I really…” begged Lisa, with tears: “I really missed him…”

Mom agreed. She just signed a little. Then she gave Lisa a stamp and said: “Better stick it on first and post it. You know how, right? I even know the post man as well…” she signed again.

Lisa jumped and stick the stamp on. It’s a beautiful stamp, Peter will love it! He is a stamp collector. He loves stamps. Any. This stamp has sea, beach and birds on it. Hope he likes it. Thought Lisa.

Lisa walked back to the room after she posted it. She opened her French homework and started the first problem: 312/4? math is always easier for her because there’s not that much words. But not as humanities and science.

She wrote down the answer very quick and checked it fast. Alright! It’s correct. Math homework is soon finished. Then Lisa took out her humanities homework. It needs to write a poem down. Be nice and neat, about seasons or weathers. She thinks and thinks. What can she write? Suddenly, she has an idea!

Lisa wrote this after asking and searching:
la pluie
par Lisa
il pleut dehors, comme beaucoup de petits garçons
vous sautez et courir sous la pluie
une pomme soudainement te tombe sur la tête
la nuit est apparu après avoir regardé vers le ciel
le ciel devient de plus en plus sombre sous la pluie
pommier commencent lentement à être floue.
la nuit tombe, oh ma chérie
terrain devient plus humide et plus humide…


Raining outside, like many little boys

You are jumping and running in the rain

An apple suddenly falls on your head

Night appeared after you looked up to the sky

The sky grows darker and darker in the rain

Apple tree slowly begin to be unclear.

Night falls, oh dear

Ground is getting wetter and wetter…)

Lisa really did her best at this. She can’t think any others. She talks about rain. A nice poem! Will teacher like it? Will it be M at the points? She doesn’t know. Even the trees outside started to wink, seems like saying no either.

The next day seems harder a lot. The teacher talked about history and other stuff. She needs to read a book about history and write some hard words down. Then make sentences. Then write feelings and comments. Lisa is very worried about this.

She wrote down the hard words she thinks:
les historiens (historanis)
les anthropologues (anthropologists)
Ancienne civilization (ancient and modern civilization)
Évolutif (evolution)
Singe (singe)

Then she made sentences:

les historiens sur le passé (historians’ studies about the past)

les anthropologues sont sages (anthropologists are wise)

But she can’t think of what feelings or comments. She thinks it’s perfect. But it’s not.

She phones called Vivian. No one answer. Then again. Vivian has the phone call! She said:

V: Bonjure? (hi)
L: je veux vous poser une question. (I want to ask a question)
V: qu’est ce que c’est? (what is it)
L: juste des devoirs. (just homework stuff)
V: ok…
L: I don’t understand humanities homework
V: I don’t think you should write long. The feelings just write some few. Write what you think.
L: that’s all?
V: yeah!
L: ok, merci! (ok, thanks)
V: your welcome
L: bye!
V: bye

The phone call ended. Lisa got what she wanted. She was so happy. Vivian is a nice girl. Vivian should have meant to be her friend. At all.

Mom stepped in and handed a plate of fruits and a cup of hot coco. “Have some, dear. You are tried. So much. Do you need help?”

“No thanks mom. I already asked Vivian. She’s a nice girl today I met. She helped me so much about school work.” Replied Lisa.

“Oh well! That’s brilliant! Congratulations! Now eat your food, when I call, get out and have dinner.” Said mom.

It’s 6:23 when Lisa finished her homework. She tried really hard. She closed her eyes for a while and went downstairs for dinner. (Although mom doesn’t call her yet)

Dear Lisa,
I read your letter. I know the money is much to paid for the letter. I tried to write as much as I can at the same time. Sorry but my mom is getting angry, I guess your mom is also #^_^# are you still alright? I heard you started your school yet. Is the homework hard? I can’t speak French very well, you know. You always help me, but now… don’t say that bad and said words! So now you are okay with all the thing around you? Are you busy? Your stamp is really beautiful! I put it away the first I get it. Can you send a picture for me please? I really want to see your face. Touch it gently, smooth it with my fingers. Will you? This is my pictures down here. Did I change much? Is it still ugly? I know it is. I hope you are always fine. Bye!

Dear Peter:
Nice you love my stamp! Of course I can send you my picture! My homework is quiet okay. Really. Don’t say that word, Peter. You are not ugly. That picture looks awesome and handsome! My picture is here. Can’t write you much. Still have French homework. See ya!
Love, Lisa

Lisa went downstairs to eat dinner. Mom is already waiting. She smiled and greeted her. Lisa greeted back and said: “When will we go back to England, mom? I missed my old friends so much!”

“Oh dear. Is not what I can say so. It depends on your dad’s job and our salary. If it’s much then we’ll go back for a while. But I’m not sure though…” replied mom.

Okay… thought Lisa. She sat down and grabbed a bread. That’s hard! Ah, French bread! She hated the French bread so much! Why she would have stay here! …

Three months later…

One day after school, Lisa walked back home but accidently saw mom standing at the porch and carried the stuff. “What are you doin here, mom? Taking these stuff around and seems like ready to go.” Asked Lisa.

“Nothing else, your father just call that we can go back to England! He found a new job there and we can go back to our home!!!” exclaimed mom with a joy.

“What?! Then can I able to go back the school I am before?”

“Sure you will! But you will need to catch up! Answered mom.

What a lucky family! They can go back to their normal life again…

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