Lost by Dorothy D

“MOM! it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m going to be 10! 10!” Sally sang happily.
“YEP! Why don’t I buy you a cake today! You know, for a special treat even though we don’t have much.”
“sure mommy, how about chocolate?”
So, we go in the car. Nothing seemed unusual, cars where running up and down honking their horns, everyone was all hurry hurry hurry! Like the usual New York city,
“Hey mom, could you maybe slow down a bit? I mean, why is our car moving so fast, it makes me kind of dizzy. MOM? MOM?”
Sure enough, in the busy traffic of New York, our car was going at an uncontrollable speed, and most cars were zooming out of our way hardly making as we zoomed past.
Tears started streaming down Mommy’s face, her face was now a blur, I could hardly see her, she seems to be disappearing! I closed my eyes and wanted this to be all a dream. “I, I—I—don’t know, I. can’t, make, it, to, stop, it’s oh no, no, no, no! hide. NOW” She screamed. She was getting blurrier for me to see. It was a bit too much for me to take, our car had something wrong, my mom was disappearing, and it was the day just before my 10th birthday. Could it get worse?
The answer is YES. While our car went chch chch bang. Chchch bang! Me and my mom were screaming our heads off. The other people were calling the police. The whole thing was sped up and I couldn’t keep up.
“Hide? mom? where?” I asked still totally confused of what was going on.
Mom climbed to the back of the car and clanged me tight. While our car just went faster and faster, until my head became dizzy and everything went into a blur, we were crashing cars, like a beast on the road! Our car went round and round still in full speed, every once a while it stopped, due to all the cars we’re crashing, but it would not, could not, slow down. “Don’t move, I’ve got you.” Whispered my mom’s voice, it was raspy and I could hardly feel her or hear her now.
As a loud BOOOOMMM Mom was gone. I was hurt. I cried and cried. Then dad came, and took me to the hospital, well somehow he flashed us in the hospital, like he was a wizard, and then he too went away. Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying. Nothing.

I’ve always thought I was adopted, but my parents insist I don’t look like them because after the accident the doctor wasn’t good at a surgery and messed everything up. But thanks to the Doctor, I am still ALIVE!

Mom said I was sick, very sick, and when the doctor did a surgery, something went wrong. And I lost my memory. I can’t remember what happened before the accident, I can’t remember what happened when I was a child, all I knew was something big happened, something that doesn’t happen to normal people. My parents only talked about it once, it went something like this:
“You were in an accident honey, a car crash. You were sick and injured, and the doctor at the hospital was new. Can’t believe that was just half a year ago! We’re sorry sweetie, but honey, things happen. And it just happened to you.” But I knew they were keeping something from me, something horrible.

Just another boring day at home, waiting for my mom to back come home. When I discovered a door that wasn’t there before. On the sixth stair case. Counting from 1st floor, near my room.
It was tiny door, only about my the dimensions hand. I thought we had a rat in the house but it was a door. Rats can’t make doors. Something about the door was very amusing, like it DIDN’T want me to come near. That’s when I got a strange feeling, that this door was to hide something, to hide something from me. I needed to know. A voice went on in my head “Don’t you open that, Sally S. Wrension. Don’t you DARE!” Which made it more strange because that never happens. I never ever talk to myself, mostly because I have nothing to talk about. I HAD to open it. I was a girl with a curious mind even if I forgot a lot of stuff, I never forgot how to be curious. I pushed open the tiny door. Creek! I knew that by doing this I might be put in peril. But I NEEDED TO KNOW! The door hasn’t been oiled in a long time. Inside was a coin. And on it was the letter M. On the back was the date 2016. June 22ed Now I had a strange tangy feeling about this date. Something familiar. I reached my hand to grab it, even though it didn’t seem like a good thing to do, but you know, I don’t think by touching a coin could cost something bad could happen like aggravate my bad memory lost. As my hand touched it, an unusual scene flashed before my green eyes:
“The yellow car. A yellow car. CRASH! Ouch. Twirl, scream. The whole world has gone quiet.”

I blinked, then blinked again. The whole thing was so fast I didn’t realize what on earth was going on. A memory, wait but it was so fast that it didn’t make any sense. Could the coin have, have memories in it? Yellow car, crash, what? I have no idea! I tried dropping the coin then picking it up again. Nothing happened. Ok I’m never scared, it’s like I had my scariness taken away from me when the car crashed. But now. I was really really scared! I know the whole idea seemed so fanciful, but I know what I saw.

“Hello honey, come get the door, mama’s home!” Called a familiar voice that told me my mom was home. I made a quick decision right there and then that I should NOT tell my parents about this. Or they might think I’m crazy and take me to the doctor. I always thought that my parents changed after the car crash. I know it’s silly, it’s probably my imagination but my parents could never quite understand me, and they are always looking at me in a real funny way, like they’re trying to figure something out. And whenever I tried to talk about the car crash, they shook their heads at each other and shook the topic off like they didn’t want to hear it. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that was changed after the car crash.
I quickly put the coin back, closed the small door, and went to open the door for mother. I was never quite a good actress but since I wasn’t really sure what had happened either I wasn’t actually lying or anything like that. So I think I’ll manage. As long as I remember my manners. “Hey Mother! How have you been?” I asked putting on a fake smile on my face. “Oh you’re such a lovely darling! Always greeting your mommy mum with a kind smile! What have you been up to today? Oh and father isn’t going to come home for dinner today either, I know, father is always busy but he is doing it to earn money and to make our lives better. How did your tutoring session go? I know that you hate home school but I was thinking of recovering you up on the studies instead of making you go to first grade. I mean you might be bullied! Your tutor did come did he? You do like Mr. Hardold, do you?”
“Oh yes mother. And he left at exactly 3:00! He’s right on time! He taught me the times table again mother! Oh he’s a… a brii—li—ant teacher! He told me that I was jolly lucky to still be able to remember how to speak even if I sometimes forget the right word for something.” I said quoting exactly what Mr. Hardold told me. I wanted to please mother all the time because she always has the long face as if she’s worried something is wrong. “He also said that I was a nice little girl who learned stuff very fast. It’s only been half a year but I’m already speaking normal. He taught me new words like anticipate and competition. They are very hard words! But he’s a good teacher!” I exclaimed
“Oh of course Darling! You are very smart for someone who just forgot everything. Oh dear me. You must pardon me today Sweetie Pie. I had a jolly bad day myself and must go to rest right away. I’ll cook dinner later, there is some leftover bread in the fridge.”
“Dear mother, I don’t want to disappoint you but I simply forgotten what a bread is and is what what is a f-fri-ga?”
“Oh Honey, never worry, I’ll make you dinner when you’re hungry. Just wake me up Dearie.
“Alright mother. I’ll… never mind I don’t know how to say it.”
“Darling never fear, you’ll remember how to speak in a few mouths, your learning awfully fast!”

But I simply couldn’t wait for mother go fall asleep before I went to look for the little door again, I crept upstairs, counted my steps and double checked that I was counting right. I lifted my shaky hand and felt for the little brown wooden door, but I couldn’t find it. I looked and looked and pushed and knocked, but the little door simply disappeared! I was desperately knocking myself on the head trying to remember, when mother came behind me.
“Dear darling what are you doing?” She asked. Her face wrinkled with worried as she put a trembling hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes
“Oh I just thought I remembered something but it’s gone again.” I said, best thing I could think of. With another one of those fake smiles, though the corner of my mouth twitched with worry as I thought something might be wrong with me again.
“Oh do hurry up and get off the stairs. Darling we’re having a good talk about hitting yourself on the head would not make anything better!” Mother scolded. Sweat was dripping from her forehead as she looked like she was trying to figure something out.
I yelled losing it. I really thinking that my mother was overreacting.
Mother surprisingly softened. “I’m sorry, I was worried. About you. You can’t imagine what it’s like to be me. I have to keep you safe. It’s my job. If I don’t do it well the outcome would be tremendously horrid. You are Sally Selena Wrension. You don’t know how important you are to me.” Mother got up and left me in my train of thought. “Wait, what what do you mean? Mother?”
“It’s NOT time to tell you yet.”
“fine! If you want to know then I’ll tell you. Well ok, I’ll start by telling you that your father is a robot and all the time he’s working he’s actually detecting clues for the Blackraw!”
“Mother what are you talking about? WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN?”
“Oh it’s nothing girl. Forget all I’ve said, I’m just trying to make silly stories to calm you down. My mouth just blahs when I’m nervous. Well anyway I have to go do something.” Suddenly my mother panicked ran to her room and slammed the door in my face.”

1 year later:
“Darling. Could you come here for a sec?” Asked Mother. Now I was normal, I could speak I could walk I could write. I had recovered from my crash completely. The coin never appeared again, neither did any talks about it. As the years passed on my life turn ordinary, I was still homeschooled but there were no more mysteries, and there were no more fights.
“Yeah sure mother, what do you want?” I asked
“Well remember that day I told you about farther being fake? Remember that door?”
I was shocked, I hardly remembered that, but I know that mom wasn’t happy about me yelling at her. “Mother? You, you were lying weren’t you?” As my voice began to whisper and weaken, sweat dropped down my forehead, I never forgot that strange moment of that yellow car. It haunted me day after day and night after night.
“Well, what I said was true. Your farther isn’t real. But I am. But we are not your real parents. The, the car crash, was cause by Raw magic, by the Blackraws. They, they kill kids that would be a leader in the future. They want to ruined everything for us humans. But they do have a reason. They predicted that after 100 years the earth will exploded. I know this isn’t very scientific but there is actually and explanation on that. Remember the book I read to you, A Winkle in Time. IT’S REAL! Well if time space gets bend too many times a natural black hole could form and if an exploding star created a black whole next to it, the 2 black hole can drag each other closer until they become an an Blackrawlie. And Blackrawie would suck earth in. I’m not saying it will happen but The Blackraw have found clues to this event. But when no one would listen to them they decide to save everyone from a heart breaking sight. They will first extinct us. But. Well. SLOWLY, they come once a year and take about 10 kids…You know, they were trying to help but nobody believed them. But I tell you, they are crazy! They become more and more determined until, until, they forgot what they were supposed to do and start, hurting inncocent children. Oh, and many of us believe that we have to make every second of our living. We have to safe those special children. And you are one! Your real parents die because of protecting you, no one was sure what happened, the doctor at the hospital, was one of us. One of our highest level, they can have some magical powers. She purposefully erased your memory put this chip inside your head so you would believe we were your parents, it was very dangerous but the doctor was very good with science and magic. And now there you are.”
The information was coming FAST! And I didn’t know either to believe it or not! In the years I’ve known mother, or she’s actually not my mother if you say it that way…but, anyway on the years I’ve known her, she never lies, except she has been keeping from me all along. I decide to play along with her even though I really thought this was one of her stories. She’s really good at story making.
“How do we tell if someone is an Blackraw member?” I asked in a joking way.
Mom was serious now. Those words of her I never forgot. “They drive yellow cars. They wear sunglasses, they know that one day they’ll be NO light so they wear sunglasses to prepare, stupid huh? But they are intelligent people I tell you, good technology and things. They dress in black. They have black gloves with the words. HOLE on it. They smile with the evilest grins. And they know a target when they see one.”
I took the whole thing as a joke.

9 years later,
One day when I was home alone. I just came home from college, I was an grade A student with a few awesome inventions and, yep engineering is AWESOME! Because I’ve been doing so well, I’ve also gotten jolly rich and, here I am, AT MY OWN APARTMENT! Daddy passed away with sickness. Oh yeah, last time mom said he was a robot or something but, it’s a story and never mentioned again so… yeah my mom makes GREAT stories with actual scientific knowledge, so COOL! I take after her. So Anyway I sat with my laptop and tea. I AM NOT MARRIED. Sorry. That was random. Anyway I was sitting in my living room with a laptop on my lap and some tea in hand, I turned on the TV and started brainstorming about my next science project.
TV: Hello everyone, we have some exciting and awful mystery going on, 5 children gone missing, 4 found dead. Scarily, at every disappearance or death scene there was a yellow car. Detectives found no clued whatsoever and there is no prove of any fingerprint. But there was a video that the camera captured: It showed a man stepping out of a yellow car. I know this isn’t anything scary, but it is as soon as he stepped out of the car, for some reason, all the camera and all devices around, went completely blank! Mystery hon? Seems like magic! Who knows! Also people that recovered after a damage in the scene reported having no memory of it what so ever.

I didn’t hear most of that but I did hear: “no memory of it what so ever.”
Well whatever! None of my business
30 mins later:
As I looked out my window with a strange and dangerous feeling, I saw, a yellow car, a guy with sunglasses, gloves with a word starting with H-O something, with an evil grin as he held up a picture that matched my apartment perfectly. “I’m here, let’s do this!” he muttered silently as I remembered my mother’s warning.

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