Smoke clouded the sky…..

Smoke clouded the sky. The Matawi screamed and shouted at their family to leave them and run. No one did. Each family held hands and prayed to the gods to save them and one by one, each family was devoured by the molten lava. Their skin erupted into flames and their bones into ash. Ali was crying. As little as she was she understood the meaning of death. Blip ran towards the running hot lava, hoping that everyone would somehow survive. Mama hugged Ali close to her and closed her eyes and stood still as the river of lava rushed forward to meet her. Papa was already gone. He was one of the fifty that adventured onto the volcano to check if everything was normal. He was one of the first that died. My entire family had embraced death. All except for me. Me, the only Matawi that didn’t believe in afterlife and gods. Everyone around me burst into flames. It was a cruel, evil ending of our people even though it will be probably painless. I looked around me. I was the last Matawi standing. I looked around me once again. Nothing was recognizable except for the volcano far away. I looked at the sea surrounding the island that was home. Many Matawi tried to swim but the sea gods did not favor us for we worshipped the gods of death and afterlife. Lava surrounded me at all sides. I closed my eyes and images of home, family and friends flashed before my eyes. I opened them again only to find nothing but darkness.


More of this amazing drama to come in Fall 2018 Inkspill…..


Sherry Chen


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