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The Brightest Star in the Sky

Glittering pinpricks of light reflect on the glassy surface of the water, a whole night of stars hanging on the pitch-black curtain draped over the sky. A luminous full silver moon hangs low on the sky, its round bottom a breath away from touching the dark waters, that stretch as far as the eye can […]


Never Wake Up

BY VIVIAN Z. On the calendar in a nearby house lies a series of swirly words glowing with bright red lines reading World War I on the date 1912. Eventually, those red words will evolve into a glowing and burning black hole in the calendar and turn it to ash. A dusty wind blows the […]

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Sunrise, Sunset

By Rebecca C. Sunrise The start of a new day The water is peaceful and tranquil The smooth layer of sand untouched     The sun rises Until it is high above my head The water level increases Tides pouring over the beach Each grain of sand still sparkling From the light coming from the […]



By Sherry T. There she is, sitting on her doorsteps, trying to hold back her tears. There she is, burying her head in her arms, trying to get him out of her mind. It has been one, two, or three weeks like this – she just can’t remember. All she can do was thinking about […]


A Monkey Christmas

by Inn L. Monkey was always lucky so it wasn’t a surprise when his boss didn’t notice him swinging by after lunch again. In his huge house, he ate and watched TV. There was a butt groove on the couch where he always sat. He slept at work and always punched in late. Monkey was […]