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Where the Lost Things Go

The Seasons by Aidan Wong   Flowers bloom and the grass glows green, Birds chirp and insects fly, rejoicing for the spring, The emerald meadow is a sight to be seen, A song of nature the crickets and animals’ hearts sing!   An orange circle clings to the sky’s center, The moon is nowhere to […]


Smoke clouded the sky…..

Smoke clouded the sky. The Matawi screamed and shouted at their family to leave them and run. No one did. Each family held hands and prayed to the gods to save them and one by one, each family was devoured by the molten lava. Their skin erupted into flames and their bones into ash. Ali […]


Earth’s Battle (poem)

Earth’s Battle   Death is sleeping in oceans of vies, The trash littered seas a reminder of our nearing deaths, Marine life strangled by death’s sneaky spies, Souls ripped away before our eyes.   Death is housed beneath contaminated air, Cars pumping poison into the skies, Ravaging our bodies without a single care, They slowly […]


Novel Excerpt

The shadows stretched till the end of the infinite hall, the tainted red sky reminding us that another day was about to pass, taking all our pains and worries away. Only for it all to be doubled the next day. She was the prey. Behind bars, with thousands of others, facing the same destiny as […]


What I saw probably would scar me for the rest of my life….

The day that the new girl came to school was the day that shocked everybody. The last words of Edward were “Juliet Grace will destroy the school”. He didn’t have a couple of seconds to finish his sentence before the principal dragged him out. Turns out that he was the brains. How did he predict […]


Painting by Sharanya T

Life is a painting Wrong colors Finishing masterpieces   Sometimes All wrong Frustrating   Sometimes Perfect And you’re Content   Sometimes Confusing Whether to make that Final stroke of the brush   Sometimes Sad You cry And cry But tears don’t wash the paint away


Waiting by Sharanya T

Huddled up together Warming their hands by the Fire Sipping water from tin cups Waiting to be loved Waiting to live a life worth living Waiting to be wrapped in warm blankets Waiting to be kissed on the forehead Waiting to be told- “Sweet Dreams” Waiting


Memories by Sharanya T.

Sand between your toes, The wind in your hair Drinking lemonade on a hot day Your first roller coaster ride The strong smell of the ocean Looking down from the top of a Ferris wheel These memories become a part of who you are


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