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Holiday in Bintan Island by Audrey D.

Last summer holiday I went to Bintan Island in Indonesia with my family. The island we visited was too small so it didn’t have an airport, so we choose to flied to Singapore first, then used the boat. There is hundred people in the boat, and the seat was all full. No one got seasick, […]

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20 Fun Facts for Harry Potter that will Knock You Off Your Broom by Catherine C

1. The very first Harry Potter book was published in 1998, the year the battle of Hogwarts took place. 2. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger unite the three different Ollivander wand cores. 3. After Harry defeated Voldemort he lost the ability to speak Parseltongue 4.Draco attended Fred Weasley’s funeral 5. The first and last […]

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