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The Island of the Thrown-Away

They float on the dead sea, like bits and pieces of vibrant confetti sprinkled on the fading sea. The dull gray waters froth like a rabid beast, staring up at the light scarlet sky, straining to stay alive, weak waves swirling and releasing, constantly amending, yet remaining unchanged. Trying to heal new wounds, but sighing […]


The Brightest Star in the Sky

Glittering pinpricks of light reflect on the glassy surface of the water, a whole night of stars hanging on the pitch-black curtain draped over the sky. A luminous full silver moon hangs low on the sky, its round bottom a breath away from touching the dark waters, that stretch as far as the eye can […]


Earth’s Battle (poem)

Earth’s Battle   Death is sleeping in oceans of vies, The trash littered seas a reminder of our nearing deaths, Marine life strangled by death’s sneaky spies, Souls ripped away before our eyes.   Death is housed beneath contaminated air, Cars pumping poison into the skies, Ravaging our bodies without a single care, They slowly […]


Painting by Sharanya T

Life is a painting Wrong colors Finishing masterpieces   Sometimes All wrong Frustrating   Sometimes Perfect And you’re Content   Sometimes Confusing Whether to make that Final stroke of the brush   Sometimes Sad You cry And cry But tears don’t wash the paint away


Waiting by Sharanya T

Huddled up together Warming their hands by the Fire Sipping water from tin cups Waiting to be loved Waiting to live a life worth living Waiting to be wrapped in warm blankets Waiting to be kissed on the forehead Waiting to be told- “Sweet Dreams” Waiting


Memories by Sharanya T.

Sand between your toes, The wind in your hair Drinking lemonade on a hot day Your first roller coaster ride The strong smell of the ocean Looking down from the top of a Ferris wheel These memories become a part of who you are


The Meaning of Home by Sunny R

The Meaning of Home Welcome. this is my home, my space, my treasure chest of all the things I love Where I can trash reality And fall into A reverie And If you look around My precious, cherished Treasure chest Swivel your head side to side, round and round and up, up to the sky […]


The Dance of Inky Darkness by Etsuko N

The Dance of Inky Darkness Dancing is joy, The feeling of happiness. As I put on my pointe shoes, The familiar feeling makes me who I am. Dancing is when I step on stage, And know that it’s my time to shine. As I dip my pointe shoes in to the inky darkness, And start […]


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