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The Dreamy Journey by Emma B

Dreaming   Battling pirates With a gleaming bronze sword In my small paw Pricking them Off the plank Driving the old ship To a wondrous paradise   Suddenly on A battle plane Dodging bullets Soaring above the clouds Fluffier than my fur Diving towards Earth Wondering: Is this the end? Praying with my small might […]

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Rose Meditative by Emma B

High above the Earth Watching over her land Mother Nature saw it’s worth Hidden as a mere rose With clouds drifting above She shed a joyful tear For it was a symbol of love To the land of which she was most proud The mother looked upon A loving couple in the light Of her […]

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Alone Under The Bed by Emma B

The blanket frowned, As another dust bunny crept closer like a tiptoeing tiger Not making a sound. Under the bed for nine months. The blanket was soft and there So why, she pondered, am I alone? Remembering the years of care Being a super-girl cape that fluttered in the air An invisibility cloak to hide […]

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Playground by Daniel K.

The playground, Rides are clean and sturdy, The slides are fun and thrilling. Swing sets that flies cheerfully, Seesaw bounces fearfully. Monkey bars are stable. Everything here is beautiful. But my playground, My playground is… My playground has rides that are, Old, unstable and rusty, Trees dead and ugly, Haunted by dead souls. Monkey bars […]

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Crushed by Daniel K

I’m crushed, Crushed so hard, I can’t have any crush. I’m crushed like a piece of gum, I’m stamped like a piece of gum, I’m chewed like a piece of gum, Although I’m torn like a piece of gum, I’m tough like a piece of gum. I’m crushed in a wine press, I’m stamped in […]

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Ctrl + H by Daniel K.

Ctrl + H I’ve been writing this since I’ve moved to Tokyo, Japan, Said hello to my peers in Himamori Nursery School, Since I’ve watched the animation of Magic School bus, Before I knew how to say Konnichiwa, Said hello to my friend Chihuahua, Since I’ve went to Disney Land, Since I’ve left Japan. I’ve […]

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Freedom by Etsuko N.

People call me a dancer. I travel all around the world jumping, spinning, leaping and most of all, I have freedom. I can feel the salty water between my fins, sniffing the fresh air as I jump, listening to my friends whistle while I dance. As I see the sun setting off, I knew it […]

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Poyo by Etsuko N

April 19, 2016 Jumping at the top of her lungs, She made it. As her heart beats as fast as a turbo, She runs towards her target again.   Who was her target? Was it a mouse? A bird? A chicken? Who was it? It was a string of yarn, Lying across the room innocently. […]

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