By Sherry T. Don’t know starting when, You matter to me. I don’t care if it’s the smallest movement you make, it still carves into my mind. Every time I get depressed, You were always there. I see the worried look in your eyes When you watch a tear roll down my face. Looking at […]

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By Sherry T. I think about everything in the dark midnight, When everything seems, so blurry and nice. It’s like my life is such a nice movie, Where everyone comes to watch, Including me. It is like the saddest show but, Everyone laughs. I try to fake one but it just sounds funny, So I […]


Adios, My Love. Adios.

By Sherry Tong The day has come, the day I’ll never understand why it exists. I take a look behind me; I don’t see what I want to see And who I want to see. I try to remember the place, where we used to cry, Smile, Laugh. I try to memorize how this place […]