By Chelsea L. Where do you walk? On the water’s edge With faltering steps And lowered head When will it end? When you drown in the dark Dragged to the depths By the weight of your heart Who will you trust? To lead you across The bridge burning down With the one coin for fee […]



BY CHELSEA L. Someday I’ll find my way On lonely paths Past river song And find Where I belong   Someday I’ll run away Before the dawn In silver rain And slip Free of these chains   Someday I’ll stand at bay By whispering wind To face my fears And dry These lingering tears   […]



By Chelsea Liu Darkness falls The starry cloak Veils the world In mist The day is a dream And I slumber with My eyes Wide Open      Drifting Sinking into shadows Breathing I live in the night And the night lives inside My mind I haunt the alleys Whispers in A silent street Tiptoe down my […]

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