Holiday Prompt

By Joanne T   “Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Time to wake up!” Kristie’s little sister Annie woke her up at 6 o’clock.  Kristie rubs her eyes and suddenly she goes hyper. “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” Kristie jumped on her bed and twirled. “Where are my presents? I’m coming, dear presents!” Kristie imagined mountains […]


The Twelve Days of Valentine’s Day

By Jenny S   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me A fat dog in a fat flower   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me Two Guylian chocolates and A fat dog in a fat flower   On Valentines Day my boyfriend gave to me Three Venus Flytraps Two Guylian chocolates and […]


Ode to Sassafras

By Jenny S   Ode to Sassafras Who is my dog And makes my heart dance.   Ode to Sassafras You are so cute Even when you do an ugly prance.   Ode to Sassafras You love our treats I feel heartbroken to leave you



By Elizabeth Z Clueless Depressing, Regret Pain. Broken Shadowed, Disbelief… Only a reminder of Darkness


Surviving The Storm

By Agnes S The little broken cabin in the forest wakes up at night, the shattered lights carefully decorated with fireflies, glowing in the dark, welcoming all the forest animals to stay under the old roof, hardly used in years. It reaches out into the forest, grabbing the life, enticing them towards it, longing for […]

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The Tale of Harvest Poultry

BY ALEX L.   A brick ruffled the neat hedgehogs of Prize Drive, which lay silent and tidy under the inky skylight, the very last plan you would expect astonishing things to happen. Harvest Poultry rolled over inside his bleach pool without waking up. One small handbag closed on the lettuce beside him and he […]


Psyche & Larvo’s Great Adventures! (pick your path, and their fate)

BY EAGLE J. Larvo and Psyche are BF and GF. One day they decided that they were going mountain climbing on Mt Everest. Larvo is a werewolf so he act like a dog. On the top of the mountain a little boy throw a stick down the mountain Larvo followed the stick and he fell […]


Awards of Stupidity

By Michelle Z. The man turned the corner, his breath coming in gasps, as the officers charged after him. He forced his legs to run faster, and took a handgun from under his cloak. He glanced back. The police were a few meters away from him, waving their guns at him, coming closer with every […]

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