Rat and Beetle Dragon Days

by Eagle J. It is now weekend for Rat and Beetle but they are not resting. They are in the RIMSFEORI (Rodents and Insect School For Extra Ordinary Rodents and Insects.) They are insanely good at magic and have mastered 4,567 of the 6365 spells and can create a casting circle in 2.4 second the […]

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BY EAGLE J. Here is a Riddle that you will never figure out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mouse is 1 year younger than grasshopper Minimole is younger than Guinea pig Guinea pig is older than grasshopper Cockroach is the same age as Ladybug Hamster and Mouse is the same age Hamster and Cockroach is 1 year apart Beetle […]

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Psyche & Larvo’s Great Adventures! (pick your path, and their fate)

BY EAGLE J. Larvo and Psyche are BF and GF. One day they decided that they were going mountain climbing on Mt Everest. Larvo is a werewolf so he act like a dog. On the top of the mountain a little boy throw a stick down the mountain Larvo followed the stick and he fell […]

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