The Blue Carp

By Aiden H Part 1:


Balance Beam

By Isa P. Don’t cover up so much. No one likes a prude. No, that’s too revealing. You look like a hooker. Yes, study hard! Stupid girls are despicable. No, why are you so bookish? Get a social life! Smile more! It’s not nice to frown. No, how are you so shallow? Stop laughing at […]


Tan in Afghanistan

By Nicolas H


Jared’s Truth/Lie

By Jared M Little Jared Murphy sat on the inflatable throne. He was at a place called “pump it up”. He was only a small child then. It was his birthday party, but it also was the party of several other children. Only with all of the moms of those kids could a party for […]



By Esther C. *originally describing/analyzing the book Me Before You So Much. Have I tried for you. All that work, Minding things I never were interested in. Every single step I took, Fighting with hope. Urging you toward me. Love you. Of course, For sure I thought you loved me. You and I, Obviously, Unfortunately were not destined.


Alex’s Truth/Lies

By Alex S One real event and two fake ones. Last year in seventh grade, Matthew shot me with a pellet gun and he hit me in the eye. I once entered a video game tournament at my summer camp in Seattle and won $500 dollars. It was going on for two hours and everyone […]


Micro Adventure: Adventures of An Inch-Tall Me

By Jared M I walked up to my table. As I put my hand on it, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, things were different. The table was a grey expanse: flat and foreboding. I was standing on it. The Lego minifigure beside me was suddenly taller than me. My Legos looked like […]


The Far Future After 200 Years

By Vincent C After an 8-hour charging, Dave woke up and felt strength flowing all over his body. He teleported to the shower room, where a tiny device turns all dirty stuff into thin air in a split second. “Software update! ” said Siri, the virtual voice assistant created by Apple in 2011 and was […]

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