By Lauren W Once upon a time in ancient Greek myth there was a stupid cupid that were so good at archery. The cupid was hanging out with his friends. Their name were arrow and bow. They were great friends cupid. Cupid never had mistake in archery. He got champion cup from Seoul Olympic his […]


Rabbit and the Turkey

By Lauren W “Chop Chop!” shouted Rabbit. Everyone was at the barn eating their breakfast. Everybody was quiet.  Because when you are very loud you will be eaten. But no one wants that. The owner came in, he was in smile, and he brought a new family that will stay until the Christmas Eve. He […]


Everything Felt Dead Except For the Clock

By Lauren W “Someone is here! Someone is here!” the clock sang in the empty house. There was no sense of a person in the house. The clock sang again “Some one is here! Someone is here!” There was no one in the house. Something kept knocking the door. It was March 3rd 2003. The […]