by Michelle Z. The young boy gritted his teeth, thrusting out an arm and grabbing onto the icy cold ledge. The merciless cold bit at any exposed part of his aching body. The boy dug his fingers into the snow, solidifying his grip on the rocky ledge, and he slowly, ever so slowly, grabbed the […]

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By Michelle Z. Eventually, they tell her. The pain would fade, As she lay on the bed, staring wistfully out of the window.         Eventually, they say, She would heal, from the wounds of hurt and shock, But the hopes from their words do nothing. She misses him, every single day. The storm of sorrow consuming […]

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Tis But A Scratch

  By Michelle Z. King Arthur, his head held up and his eyes flashing with intelligence, strode through the forest, slashing down every single branch that got in the way of his brilliance. His trusty and loyal footman, Patsy, was behind him, stumbling on an occasional root and staggering under the weight of their luggage. […]

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Awards of Stupidity

By Michelle Z. The man turned the corner, his breath coming in gasps, as the officers charged after him. He forced his legs to run faster, and took a handgun from under his cloak. He glanced back. The police were a few meters away from him, waving their guns at him, coming closer with every […]

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