By Sherry T. There she is, sitting on her doorsteps, trying to hold back her tears. There she is, burying her head in her arms, trying to get him out of her mind. It has been one, two, or three weeks like this – she just can’t remember. All she can do was thinking about […]



BY SHERRY T. The sky all blurry and gray, No one got any words to say. It’s floating up in the sky, Bursting out all the bad times of your life.   The pieces of your heart you picked it up, They were used to be smashed apart. Slowly carefully, you did, Glued them up. […]



BY SHERRY T. Flying over the world of yours, I am now gone, but I never wanted to. And I see the stars from above, I wonder why? They clash onto the Earth as if it doesn’t hurt, They clash onto the Earth as if they won’t break or burn.   And I see the […]



By Sherry T. The gray sky blending with the walls, I can’t seem to see what is falling. Then I look down at the ground, I see winter.   A huge open field covered with snow, I open the doors, A freezing breeze hit me, But I continue to walk. And I realized, This is […]



By Sherry T. Don’t know starting when, You matter to me. I don’t care if it’s the smallest movement you make, it still carves into my mind. Every time I get depressed, You were always there. I see the worried look in your eyes When you watch a tear roll down my face. Looking at […]

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By Sherry T. I think about everything in the dark midnight, When everything seems, so blurry and nice. It’s like my life is such a nice movie, Where everyone comes to watch, Including me. It is like the saddest show but, Everyone laughs. I try to fake one but it just sounds funny, So I […]


Adios, My Love. Adios.

By Sherry Tong The day has come, the day I’ll never understand why it exists. I take a look behind me; I don’t see what I want to see And who I want to see. I try to remember the place, where we used to cry, Smile, Laugh. I try to memorize how this place […]