By Alyssa A   Ian’s stomach growled of hunger. He looked around the dark cave hopelessly. It’s no use. There’s no way you can find food in here without light, he thought to himself. He’s trapped inside the cave ‘cause a huge mountain bear blocked the entrance, which led him to be stuck in there […]


There Once Were 70 Computers

By David L There once were a lot computers. They are called: la, lala, lalala, lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalalala, lalalalalalala, did, said, me, who, like, yeah, maybe, hi, hello, past, tense, snow, board, bi, baby, babies, what, the, heck, of, the, call, I, don’t, know, but, if, you, it, then, shot, shots, david, william, lele, labe, […]


What My Cat Probably Thinks Of Me

By Jared M Ah. The stupid is coming. What an ugly creature. Eh. At least it does my bidding. It is a fine slave. If I speak, the gorilla-pig thing lumbers over to me.  “Hiyyyy ckitee. Blaaaarrrrgggg.” The thing’s disgusting snout quivers as it babbles nonsense. I begin to direct my commands into the strange […]


Anthony’s Tale

By Alyssa A Anthony hate bees. But bees likes him. Coffees lighten him up every morning. Drugs disgust him. Elephants are too big for his car. Face painting is his specialty. Guns scares him. Hexagon is his middle name. iPod is his only friend.  Jumps to sleep, every night. Kite flying makes him think of […]


Micro Adventure: Adventures of An Inch-Tall Me

By Jared M I walked up to my table. As I put my hand on it, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, things were different. The table was a grey expanse: flat and foreboding. I was standing on it. The Lego minifigure beside me was suddenly taller than me. My Legos looked like […]


The Far Future After 200 Years

By Vincent C After an 8-hour charging, Dave woke up and felt strength flowing all over his body. He teleported to the shower room, where a tiny device turns all dirty stuff into thin air in a split second. “Software update! ” said Siri, the virtual voice assistant created by Apple in 2011 and was […]

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By Lauren W Once upon a time in ancient Greek myth there was a stupid cupid that were so good at archery. The cupid was hanging out with his friends. Their name were arrow and bow. They were great friends cupid. Cupid never had mistake in archery. He got champion cup from Seoul Olympic his […]


Rabbit and the Turkey

By Lauren W “Chop Chop!” shouted Rabbit. Everyone was at the barn eating their breakfast. Everybody was quiet.  Because when you are very loud you will be eaten. But no one wants that. The owner came in, he was in smile, and he brought a new family that will stay until the Christmas Eve. He […]


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