Everything Felt Dead Except For the Clock

By Lauren W “Someone is here! Someone is here!” the clock sang in the empty house. There was no sense of a person in the house. The clock sang again “Some one is here! Someone is here!” There was no one in the house. Something kept knocking the door. It was March 3rd 2003. The […]


How the Plane Turns Into a Helicopter

By Clarence Mao WHRRRRRRR! That sound of a jet getting ready to takeoff into the air. “Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast,” the plane said as it brought food out. The plane had no one as the time went by no one ate. As time past, the food started to get cold so the plane dumped […]


The Pig Tale

By Billy R “Pig was just sitting there reading his book at break. His book was about a little pig that had just been kicked out from his family when he was 3 years old. After about a year, he found himself an adoption center which he stayed there for about 2 years. Pig was […]


Surviving The Storm

By Agnes S The little broken cabin in the forest wakes up at night, the shattered lights carefully decorated with fireflies, glowing in the dark, welcoming all the forest animals to stay under the old roof, hardly used in years. It reaches out into the forest, grabbing the life, enticing them towards it, longing for […]

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Angel’s Flight

By: Olivia R I rushed along the muddy banks, shielding what was left of the dry food from the rain. My dress hem was splattered with mud, but I was too excited to care. Once every two years, we would watch the angels descend from heaven. It was called the Angel’s Flight. The day before […]


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When the Sun Sets

By Ashley W. She stares at her feet, the flowing skirts of her white dress rising with the movement of her knees as she climbs up the rocky steps. The rocks are surprisingly even, the warm temperature the outcome of the afternoon sun’s rays. She shields her eyes with her hand, squinting into the sunlight […]

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By Jessica W. I’d be better off dead. But I’m a coward, and I can’t do it. I’ve tried countless ways, countless times, but I keep on backing away. Leaping back to safety, clutching at something, dumping the glass down the sink, somehow rescuing myself from something that I do want, badly. I just can’t […]

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