Camping and Cookies

Dear Parents,

1JM has won the cookies! We are the 1st class in the elementary school to return ALL of our library books! YAY! Ms. Bec is making cookie for us next week! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Camping: Next week we will begin “Camp Learned a Lot”. This is a chance for us to use some of our class time to “gather around the campfire” in our classroom (a campfire made of paper) and:

  • reflect on what we learned this year
  • reflect on friendships
  • write a positive message to each of our classmates as a keepsake in a memory book
  • write thank you letters to our specialist teachers and 4th grade buddies
  • participate in some fun “camping activities” in our classroom
  • and of course – continue learning what is left to learn in first grade

Your child brought home an invitation today taped to the top of their red folder. If they would like to bring a special stuffed animal or blanket or pillow to keep here while we camp during our school days starting on Monday, June 4th, they may.

🙂 Julie

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A Message from your First Grade Son or Daugther

Hi Mom and Dad,

Please help me! If we are the 1st class at school to return ALL of our library books, we get to have home-made cookies! Can you please, please, please help me remember tonight that I need to bring back ALL my library books TOMORROW! And if I have lost one, I need to bring the money to pay for it.

Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you!


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Library Books!

Dear Parents,

Please have your child return ALL library books tomorrow for our Day A library time. 

The library staff needs all book back in the library – please. 🙂

Students will be able to check out books again starting June 1.

Thanks much!

🙂 Julie

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Upcoming Homework and Celebration, Activities Day and Writing Celebration Thank You!

Dear Parents,

Upcoming Homework and Celebration: A letter and homework sheet was sent home yesterday (Friday) about personal history bags that the students are asked to begin bringing starting Monday. Your child can bring their 5 artifacts (things) and the evidence (writing about the artifact) any day Monday May 14 through Friday May 18. (We will have a few children share their items each day.)

We will have a celebration about our Personal History social studies unit on May 29. Save the date!


Activities Day will be Friday, May 18. Students need to wear their house color t-shirt and be sure to bring a water bottle on this day. Activities Day is always one of the students’ favorite memories of the year!


Thank you for coming to celebrate your child’s amazing accomplishments in writing last Friday afternoon!

WHY celebrating our students’ writing is so VERY important:

  1.  Writers write for an audience…and celebrations provide an audience. Everything we do in writing workshop, as much and as often as possible, is meant to closely mirror what real writers do in the real world.  And one thing writers do is write for an audience. 
  2. Implicit messages matter because they help to nurture a writer’s identity. The value we place on writing helps nurture a writer’s life.    Stacey Shubitz  states: “…Celebrating a child’s unique process shows the child that their way of doing things is valued and respected in the classroom.”
  3. Celebrations are fun!

Enjoy the photos.

🙂 Julie


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Writers’ Celebration Information

Dear Parents,

This coming Friday, May 4, 2:45 – 3:15 in our 1JM classroom we will celebrate your child as a writer! We hope you can join us!

This coming week we will be working at school to “make our main character come alive”. This is a project where your child chooses how they would like to present their character.

Some of the ideas the students came up with were:

  • dress like my character
  • make my character using _____ (Legos, marshmallows, or cardboard boxes)
  • draw my character
  • draw or make things my character uses in my books I wrote

I wanted to let the parents of the 4 students who chose to dress up like their character know, so that your child can bring the clothes from home. All other projects will be done at school.

Tiger, Audrey, Max M. and Wanyi have chosen to dress up like their character. Please have your child bring in the clothes they would like to use to dress up like their character on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you! Your child and I hope you are able to attend Friday at 2:45.

have a wonderful 4 day weekend!

🙂 Julie

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C.A.S.T.A. Day Tomorrow! Yay!

Dear Parents,

Celebrate And Share The Arts with us tomorrow!

🙂 Julie

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GREAT Field Trip Today!

Dear Parents,

Your children were so impressive this morning before our field trip! We had a wonderful class discussion about key words for our newly starting social studies unit about Personal Histories and Historical Evidence. Your children were able to brainstorm all the concepts of the entire unit during our class discussion, as well as focus on and answer all the big questions of the unit! That means for the rest of our unit, we can really dig deeply into the subject!

The key vocabulary words for the unit are:

artifacts, evidence, history, past, present, personal history

Then it was off to the China National Museum of Women and Children for our field trip!

The things we focused on today were:

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • Looking at artifacts (things) from the past and the present, what is the same?
  • Looking at artifacts (things) from the past and the present, what is different?
  • Our key vocabulary (artifacts, evidence, history, past, present, personal history)
  • Look for artifacts and know why (the evidence) they are important, what story they tell.






Unfortunately, for me, it was a sad field trip as well. As I was telling Lindsey, Gavin’s mom who joined us on our field trip as our class parent, the school year is quickly coming to an end, and we have an amazing class, an incredible group of children! We have worked all year on building friendships and fun, developing a sense of support, care and community. Our days together are becoming fewer and fewer and today made me realize just how much I will miss this group of first graders! 🙁

I hope you and your child have a great and in-depth conversation about their field trip today!

Enjoy the photos.

🙂 Julie




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C.A.S.T.A. Performance Time this Thursday, April 26!

Dear Parents,

We hope you can join 1JM this Thursday, April 26, 12:45-1:05 in the Upper Gallery for our CASTA performance!

1JM and 1HC will perform together: What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?– Kitchen songs, movement, and found sound.

Remember to have your child wear their tie-dye shirt on Thursday!

🙂 Julie Munro (1JM), Nicole Clark (1NC) and Skye Sanford (our 1st Grade Music Teacher)


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Field Trip Tuesday, April 24 AND LUNCH!

Dear Parents,

We will begin our “Personal History” social studies unit next week. As a special activity for this unit, we will visit the Women’s and Children’s Museum on Tuesday, April 24.

We will eat lunch while we are at the museum. I sent home a sheet today that I need you to fill out tonight and return to school tomorrow. Please let me know by tomorrow if your child will bring a lunch from home OR buy a school lunch. If they will buy a school lunch (sandwich, fruit and juice box) please show me on the paper which kind of sandwich your child would like: chicken, ham, cheese or tuna.

We look forward to our field trip! Thank you Lindsey, our class mom, for coming with our class. 🙂

Thank you!

🙂 Julie

I have attached the paper here in case you do not see it in their red folder tonight. 🙂






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Our Day Begins at 8:10, Cereal Boxes, Toilet Paper Rolls, Tissue Boxes, CASTA Needs

Dear Parents,

8:10 a.m.: Thank you for remembering that the bell rings to start our school day at 8:10. Every student in our class has a job/responsibility to do when they arrive in class. Some days as well, we leave for a special right away (such as P.E.) it is very difficult to send a child on their own all the way to the swimming pool if the  teacher has already left with the rest of the class. Thank you for helping make sure your child arrives on time and ready to learn!


Cereal Boxes, Toilet Paper Rolls, Tissue Boxes: We are still in need of more empty cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls and empty tissue boxes. We have a science experiment and a writing workshop project we would really like to do!

Thank you,



For CASTA on April 26: 

Our music teacher, Ms. Skye, needs to borrow any of the following:

  • pots
  • pans
  • utensils (table knives, spoons, forks, wooden utensils, spatulas, etc…)
  • chopsticks
  • chopping boards

Just anything that you don’t need until after April 26th.  Please label your materials your donations with masking tape with your child’s name and class  “1JM”.

Thank you,


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