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Peer Critiques

This week, as students were completing their sketchbook studies on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, they participated in a peer critique format called “PQP.” The students first “Praised,” their partner for a job well done or talked about an area of their work that they found interesting, “Questioned,” something they did by asking about their process or idea generation, and finally “Prompted” each other with suggestions on what they could do to their work moving forward. Through exchanges such as these, we can expand our creative thinking!

Collaborative Teaching of the Elements of Art!

We kicked off the year with a quick introduction to the Elements of Art, which will act as the foundation for our Elementary School-wide art installation in the Sunny Hallway. The installation will feature work inspired by our visiting artists, Kate Kern and Danny Bracken. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Visual Arts!!

From Left to Right: Ms. Fei, Mrs. Eveland, Ms. Stauffer, Ms. Tina

Greetings from the Visual Art Rooms!!!

We are thrilled to be starting off a new year with our elementary artists. With the assistance of TA, Ms. Fei, Mrs. Eveland will be continuing to work with all of Grade 1 and Grade 2 in room 2407, and will teach the following Grade 3 classes: Mr. Cook, Ms. Maez, Mrs. Costa, and Ms. Kendra in room 2404. Ms. Stauffer will teach Grade 3 classrooms: Mr. Fraser and Ms. Muhl, as well as all of Grade 4 and Grade 5, all in room 2403. We are also excited to welcome our new Upper Elementary TA, Ms. Tina!

Our year will kick off with two visiting artists who will help with the annual installation in the Sunny Hallway. We will start by refreshing our knowledge of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, using them as a springboard for the installation.

Stay tuned for updates on our art explorations and the inspiring work from our visiting artists, Danny Bracken and Kate Kern.

See you soon!

Mrs. Eveland and Ms. Stauffer