Monthly Archives: September 2017

Singing Deer

Last week our Grade 5 students had the good fortune of spending two nights at the Singing Deer Lodge, near the Great Wall! Part of our time there was devoted to creating artwork in, and with items found, in nature. We worked on watercolor paintings, sometimes adding rubbings from leaves, flower petals, or sprinkles of dirt. We also created site specific installations using only natural materials–a project inspired by the artwork of artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

Finally, we visited local homes where they taught us about their gardens, homes, and shared a meal with us.

Bus Ride to the Lodge

Our Home Visit–Corn Pancakes, Yum!

Sculptures Made from Natural Materials

Watercolor Painting in the Sunshine!

Magnifying our Playground!

Grade 4 students have been using ProScope devices on class iPads to magnify surfaces around school and on our playground. They are able to capture captivating images with various textures and colors. Next, we are exploring the shape, line, and color in the images by drawing and coloring them with watercolor pencils. This is the first step to a Kate Kern (our visiting artist)-inspired artwork for our Sunny Hallway installation! Stay tuned for more as this artwork develops!