Monthly Archives: November 2017

Danny Bracken– Visiting Artist

What an exciting month! Visiting artist Danny Bracken came to Beijing specifically to work with our ISB students. For three weeks he created with us, showed images of and talked about his work, and answered many many questions.

We based our next projects on his artmaking as we prepare to show our work in the Sunny Hallway for the school-wide collaborative installation.

Take a look at the images and video below, and please feel free to stop by the Sunny Hallway as the installation  evolves!


See the link below for a video clip of Danny in our classroom answering the question, “Why do you make art!!”

Danny Talking to Students




Visiting Artist, Kate Kern!

We had the good fortune of working with artist Kate Kern. She demonstrated drawing and ink painting techniques and showed us images of her work and her stop motion animation. Grade 3 students are creating large plant part artworks largely inspired by her work and Grade 4 students are creating circular mixed-media artworks also inspired by her work. Both will be displayed in the Sunny Hallway for the Elementary School’s collaborative installation!

Not only did we have the valuable and unique experience of meeting a working artist, but students were also able to really get into her artwork by visiting an immersive installation in the High School Art Department’s gallery that she created with high school art students. See your child’s Seesaw account for a reflection on their experience visiting this artwork.

Select views of Kate Kern’s installation, from the student perspective.


Kate Kern demonstrating drawing and painting techniques and sharing her sketchbook practice.


Kate Kern addressing students in the MPR.