Having spent some time researching the Precious Plastics website, I know that I am best choosing one type of plastic to work with. I’ve chosen to create a plastic “cake” made from type 5 plastic which has been chipped using the shredder machine.

I used the Noun Project to find an icon that I can use to prepare an Illustrator file for the purpose of laser cutting the plastic sheet/cake. I’m not all that familiar with Illustrator so I’ll need to develop my skills in this area. I’m also very new to using the laser cutter and I’m not sure I fully understand the difference between the speed and power when cutting various materials. I’ve found some tutorials online to help me develop these skills and I will also work with Mr Stenning to support me in using the laser cutter.

When selecting the icon from the Noun Project I had a number of different options such as these below. I had to think about which would be best to cut – for example, if the teeth on the comb were too narrow, would there be a chance that they could snap easily? I ended up going with the first icon since it appeared that it would offer a stronger product overall and additionally, it was very similar to my original inspiration for the comb.

This is my sketch that includes my thinking about the dimensions (in mm) for the comb. I’m happy with my design and I think I’m ready to start creating plastic sheets from the shredded plastic.