High School Storytellers

Just before Spring Break we were really lucky to host some of the high school students share their newly created books with us. They had previously spent time creating stories specifically for third grade, basing the story line on topics relevant to third graders… mostly about friendship.

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories and talking with the high school kids about friendship and sharing some of their experiences.


Library Day

A reminder that 3MM’s library day is Day C. Students can return books at any time and can borrow up to 5 books.

Mr. Wong and I have been encouraging the children in the library to borrow books and continue to grow as readers. I have noticed that many  children are forgetting to bring in their books which means they are not borrowing books when we go to the library.


Supermarket Trip

Tomorrow afternoon we will be taking a short trip to the supermarket and fruit/vegetable market to do some price checking. This is in preparation for our next snack stand. As a small business we have been discussing the decisions we need to make that will impact our expenses and price of our products.

Updated Parent Information Letter 20171

Pop-up Snack Cafe

Here are the pictures from the pop- up snack cafe. It was a fun morning in the kitchen! This week we have been reflecting on the choices we made.  Get ready for the children to be asking where you do the supermarket shopping as we are starting to think about  prices of goods and how that can impact the cost of making our snacks.

Social Studies

This week we started our new social studies unit ‘Goods and Services’. We walked through the MS/HS cafeteria to see what we observed, with some guiding questions connected to how does the cafeteria know what to sell?

From here the children have been tasked with setting up a ‘pop up’ cafe for teachers on Friday. This will take us into the cooking lab this week. The children are really excited to be cooking and have decided on the snack menu and what their group will cook. The start of Double M Cafe has begun… Look out for the kids reflection on seesaw at the end of the week!

Back and Busy

Last week as the children started back from the October break was an absolutely packed week of exciting and interesting starts to units, new furniture and a very exciting water filled Monday!

I am sure the children mentioned the water leak that occurred in the grade 3 hallway and classrooms. I was so impressed with how calm and relaxed the children were during the first 2 sessions. When we got back into our learning space they were equally amazed to see the arrival of the new furniture during the break.

We have been estimating and measuring weight. Feel free to ask your child to estimate different objects at home. We have been discussing thinking about what would be too low, too high to create a range to work from. The children then think of their own estimate based on their range. The biggest part of the discussion has also been on justifying their estimate with a reason.

We finished last week with spending time in the new ES design space with Mr. Sam. He posed a design challenge with the children and they needed to find a solution to a picking up a toy off the floor. This really challenged the perseverance in some children!

Finally, 3MM will have their final swimming sessions this week. I have heard many wonderful stories from the pool. During a morning meeting these were some of the things I heard when I asked them about how they thought they had progressed with swimming…

“I can swim faster now.”

“You can’t sink… otherwise you’ll drown, Ms. Muhl.”

“I am better at breast stroke now.”

“Ms. Muhl, I am really excellent at swimming now.”

3MM Update

5 weeks in and 3MM have been hard at work!

I hope the children have been sharing all the wonderful things they have been discovering and wondering about at school. It is challenging to recap everything we have been up to, but here are just a few highlights…

Science: The children have been inquiring into different questions connected to our science unit about how animals and plants survive. They have found it interesting to research and discover new information. Our observations of our growing lima beans in our learning space has also captured their curiosity about what they are noticing.

Writing: The small moment pieces they have started are really beginning to take shape. This week has been a turning week for some children as they realise how empowering it is to change or organise their ideas in a way that can make their writing really come alive for their audience. Our focus on using direct speech and other words for ‘said‘ have really supported and strengthened the quality of their writing.

Maths: As we finish up our first module on multiplication we are heading to module 2 focusing on place value using different units of measurement. The children are developing a great range of math fluency games which they should be able to start teaching family members at home.

In other news… swimming is proving to be a big high for many of the children. To quote one child in our class, “I really liked swimming. Me and water are now friends!”

A big thanks to Amy Fu (Evan’s mother) and Sarah Grier (Ethan’s mothers) for volunteering to be our homeroom parents for this year.

Have a lovely weekend


3MM urgently need a homeroom parent

Dear Parents, As you know at ISB, we have a homeroom parent or two per class. This Friday morning the PTA will be hosting a breakfast for our ES homeroom parents. We have just three classes in the ES that do not yet have a homeroom parent, so this really is an urgent request for help. Below you can find the main areas for what homeroom parents help with, you could always share it with another parent. Please contact Ms. Muhl if you can help with this. It is really an important role to us here at ISB. Many thanks for your consideration of this. Please see the role descriptor below: 

Role of the Homeroom Parents: 

  • Work with Homeroom teacher to organise events and activities throughout the school year (for example, outings, parties etc)
  • Maintain contact with the homeroom teacher as often as appropriate (this will depend on the teacher)
  • Assist Homeroom teacher in organizing other parents from the class to attend and assist at events and activities throughout the school year
  • Arrange and coordinate gifts from class to teachers and assistants, where appropriate (see below)
  • Assist new families as they join the ISB community 

Suggested actions for the Homeroom Parents:

  • Make contact with your homeroom teacher and set out some ground rules for what level of interaction with parent volunteers the teacher would like to see during the year
  • Put together an e-mail list of contacts for the parents of children in your class
  • Contact new parents and welcome them to ISB. You could also encourage them to attend school workshops and coffees as a good way for them to start to be in touch with school life
  • Send out introduction e-mail to classroom parents. PTA has a welcome email template you can use
  • Invite parents to a quick homeroom class meet and greet to introduce yourself and let parents know about your role. Introduce yourselves and collect yearly party and gift funds
  • If there are multiple homeroom parents, determine whom will send out email communications and specific roles. It is often good to appoint one parent as the lead and other parents can provide support as needed 
  1. Finally, Both ISB and the PTA support the notion that gifts to classroom teachers and assistants be made by the children themselves. Various items can be laminated and bound using school resources for this purpose. If you want to do this, contact your PTA Rep who can advise you how to organize this. The gift should not exceed in monetary value 300RMB per teacher. 

Chronology of events that may involve the PTA Homeroom Parents:


  1. First PTA Homeroom Parent meeting. Plan of meetings for rest of year
  2. Welcome coffees (Head of School, Principal, PTA, class etc.)
  3. Mid-Autumn Festival 
  4. Meet with homeroom teacher to discuss expectation for the upcoming year
  5. Homeroom parent to schedule meet and greet with class parents

1. International Day

1. Winter Party – Speak with homeroom teacher about needs and dates

1. New Parent Welcome 

  1. Spring Festival

1. Faculty & Staff Appreciation Lunch

1. Start coordination of ideas for end-of-year teacher keepsakes or gifts 

  1. Coordinate with homeroom teachers to staff, promote bake sale, raffle ticket sales and get volunteers as needed for the Spring Fair

1. Spring Fair
2. Track and Field Day – Coordinate with PE teachers to provide support and assistance where required

1. End-of-Year Party 

Other responsibilities will be determined by the curriculum and teacher. The Principal’s coffee morning for parents is a good place to develop your knowledge of school events and activities. 


School Photos

The children will be bringing home the access code for their individual school photo. You should be able to access your child’s photo and find out how to order them.

Let me know if you any questions or do not recieve the access code.