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Principal’s List for October 26

A few key people, setting a great example, can have a huge impact on the health and culture of their community.  The ISB PTA is one such group of a few people who go above and beyond to show their dedication and love for our community and its diversity.  Last week they did a wonderful job […]

Middle School Quarter 1 Progress Reports Update

Dear Middle School Parents- I hope you have been enjoying the crisp fall weather as much as I have.  Fall is my favorite season, with colors and temperatures changing daily and an urgency to enjoy outdoor pursuits before the real cold of winter arrives. Fall also is the time for Parent-Teacher Conferences, an opportunity to […]

Principal’s List for October 9

The following students impressed their teachers last week with amazing displays of learning, character, leadership, creativity, or courage!  Please join me in congratulating them for taking their place on the Principal’s List.  We can all be inspired by their efforts! All of these students were entered into the weekly random drawing for a PTA store gift […]

Welcome Back! – Principal’s List Awards for October 6

Welcome Back from our China National Day Holiday!  It’s the last week of Quarter 1 and time to think about how we are all doing on our goals for the semester or the year. Perhaps a new goal for you could be to try to get on the Principal’s List!  The awards are given to students […]