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Principal’s List for November 30

A person with a growth mindset knows that they can improve through hard work, risk-taking, and learning from failure.  When we see a student struggle or fail, we have a choice how to respond.  We can call him lazy.   We can give him more work to do.  We can get frustrated.  We can tell […]

Futures Academy: Ask the Right Questions

Dear Middle School Students and Parents- Do you ever wish you could go back in time and make a different choice?  Do you wonder if your life would somehow be different if you had chosen something else? All 6th and 7th grade students and parents have a choice to make about Futures Academy.  And the […]

ISAC Update, Weather, Seussification, and Principal’s Coffee

A few updates for the Middle School Community of students, parents, and staff members- 1) The ISAC volleyball exchanges planned for this weekend have all been postponed to December 5, due to the high likelihood of snow this weekend.  Stay home and stay safe! 2)  Snow is forecast in Beijing over the next few days, which […]

Seussification Tickets are Sold Out!

We have had an overwhelming demand for tickets to our Middle School production of The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet.  All three shows (Thursday at 4:30, Friday at 6:30, and Saturday at 2:00) are now sold out!  If you do not have a ticket to the show, please do not come.  Our tickets have seat […]

Seussification Tickets are Going Fast!

The response for the MS Play, Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, has been fantastic, and we are “sold out” for the Friday night performance. We still have some tickets for Thursday afternoon at 4:30 and Saturday afternoon at 2:00. We are moving our box office from the PA Office to the MS Office. Please go […]

ISB Futures Academy 16-17: Right for Your Middle School Student?

Earlier today, we had two local experts in aquaponics (I learned aquaponics is growing food plants in artificial indoor ecosystems with the aid of fish.) visit our Grade 7 Futures Academy students.  By the end of the day, every student had an understanding of aquaponics and had collaborated with two classmates to build a working […]

Principal’s List for November 16

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like?  Some people really worry about it, especially when confronted with terrorist actions like we have seen recently in France.  But when I hear about the actions of young people like those on the Principal’s List below, the future seems brighter.  This week, as we mourn […]

Seussification Time!

Shakespeare with a Doctor Seuss twist!  It’s a must-see event!  Shows are this Thursday (4:30), Friday (6:30), and Saturday (2:00) in the ISB Theater!  This show is great for ALL ages!  Get your tickets soon, because we have a new ticketing system that involves assigned seats.  So the best seats will be taken early.  Tickets […]

Inviting Middle School Parents

ISB Middle School Parents, we want to invite you to a few special events happening in the Middle School over the next couple of weeks.  Please consider joining us! ISB MS Futures Academy Information Night, Nov 17, 6:30-7:30pm, in the Futures Academy 6th and 7th Grade parents and students are invited to join us for an hour […]

Principal’s List for November 9

It’s been a little while since we had a Principal’s List. so we have lots to celebrate!  Read through the commendations below and you’ll agree that our teachers have identified some very important learning behaviors and examples of great character.  The students listed are leading us all by their example!  (Arissa Tan, Johnathon Khoo, and Mary Jonas […]